Sea Snake Sanctuary

Olutanga, Zamboanga Sibugay

To really give you that close brush with adrenalin pumping adventure is a visit to the Sea Snake Sanctuary in Olutanga, Zamboanga, where you will witness thousands of sea snakes trained and controlled by a tribal leader.

Sea Snake Sanctuary Olutanga Island News

  • Exploring the Wonders of Zamboanga Sibugay

    Exploring the Wonders of Zamboanga Sibugay

    Sitting invitingly in the heart of Zamboanga Peninsula is Zamboanga Sibugay, a region that promises travelers experience unique to its own. Known as the Emerging Pearl of the Southern Seas, Zamboanga Sibugay is where you will find the exotic and the unforgettable ??" truly a creation that should be cherished.

    Step into the majestic Sibugay and you will be welcomed with a play of diversified panorama. Imagine a world of emerald waters and skies, of opulent hills and mountains, of endless lush vegetation and, of course, long strips of white sand beach shores neatly lined up.

    Beach and Isla ...

  • An Adventure into Zamboanga Sibugay

    An Adventure into Zamboanga Sibugay

    Due to its natural land form, the province of Zamboanga Sibugay is gifted with an impressive range of excellent tourist destinations ??" interesting mountain formations, picture-perfect waterfalls, caves in which dwell thousands of bats, as well as stalactites, hot springs, white sand beaches, and fish and sea snake sanctuaries.

    Tantanan Bay is the largest fish sanctuary found in the province, encompassing an area of five hectares. Sibuguey Bay bounds the southern peripheries. Endowed with several coral formations that function naturally as fish sanctuaries, it is ideal for snorkeling and ...

  • Seasnake Sanctuary Of Olutanga Island

    Waluwalu Seasnake Sanctuary of Olutanga Island, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines is a well-known tourist spot in Western Mindanao. Around 8 thousand seasnakes of different shapes and sizes are taken cared of by Noy Tiro.

    From Zamboanga City, a boat going to Olutanga Island costs around 320 pesos. Travel by boat is overnight. Trips are only during Mondays and Fridays.

    From Olutanga Island proper to the seasnake sanctuary is only around 45 minutes. You will be renting a boat from Noy Tiro (the seasnake caretaker) that can accommodate at most 8 people. You will pay 1,500. This is already good ...

  • Discovering Zamboanga Sibugay

    Discovering Zamboanga Sibugay

    February 17 to 27 brought me to the country's newest province, the very flourishing Zamboanga-Sibugay. I could never turn down an invitation from my dear aunt, Dulce Kintanar-Hofer and my beauty-and-brains cousin, Ann Hofer to join them in celebration of two very special occasions. February 24 was "Araw ng Sibugay" and February 26 was Gov. George Hofer's birthday. Uncle George earned the title "Father of the Province", having created it in the year 2001 during his term as Congressman in the district.

    My trips to Zamboanga-Sibugay have always been very enjoyable, adventure-filled and relaxin ...