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  • Zamboanga Sibugay Governor Pushes Organic Farming

    Zamboanga Sibugay Governor Pushes Organic Farming

    Gov. Wilter Palma has issued an executive order creating the Zamboanga Sibugay Technical Committee on Organic Agriculture (ZSTCOA) to increase the local agricultural production through organic farming.

    Palma pointed out in Executive Order No. 1011-09-05-16-009 that the dependency of the farmers on imported hazardous fertilizers and pesticides will be lessened through organic farming.

    "This (farming method) will make the local agricultural products free from toxic substances," Palma told the Philippines News Agency on Wednesday.

    The E.O. sets a policy for sustainable development of the ...

  • Zamboanga City Yakan Weaving Village In Asias Latin City

    Zamboanga City Yakan Weaving Village In Asias Latin City

    Zamboanga is a highly urbanized city dubbed by some as "Asia's Latin City" because of the obvious Spanish influences, not the least of which is the wide use of Chabacano, a bastardized form of Spanish. While there are lots of fun things and educational to do in Zamboanga City itself, for a truly unique travel experience and a rare glimpse of an indigenous people, you should make a point of going to the Yakan Weaving Village, situated in Upper Calarian, about 7 km west of the city itself.

    The Yakan People

    The Yakans are actually indigenous to Basilan Island, not Zamboanga, and they are on ...

  • Tarsiers In Malagutay

    Tarsiers In Malagutay

    Few days ago, Barangay eMedia was requested by the local officials of Barangay Malagutay for a documentation which they wanted to be seen by the public. The place's Barangay Captain presented to partner Rey Bayona Bayoging (RBB), Barangay eMedia'spresident, a small creature, miniature as only a fist-size, which the former believes as tarsier!

    The discovery caused special happiness to the cozy community of Barangay Malagutay, simply because if it can be proven that tarsiers are indeed inhabiting the place, it can also become added points for them to any potential tourism??"as something to ma ...