Tambunan Beach and Fish Sanctuary

Tabina, Zamboanga del Sur

The Tambunan MPA is both a mangrove area and Marine Fish Sanctuary located in the village of Malim and extending 50 meters seaward from the shoreline. The mangrove area spans 1,700 meters of coastline and an area of 103.5 hectares, while the Marine Fish Sanctuary covers 1,000 meters of coastline and an area of 95 hectares. The MPA is frequented by abundant pelagic fish, such as mackerel, jacks, sa ...

rdines, and sailfish, as well as coral and sand fish, including parrotfish, eels, siganids and goatfish.

Tambunan Beach and Marine Fish Sanctuary News

  • Rabbit Dive Tambunan In Zamboanga

    Tambunan, Tabina In Zamboanga.

  • Spearfishing Philippines Summer 2014

    Meet, Greet, Dive & Swim

    I apologize for making a long yet very compressed and fast paced transitioned video.I did this format just in order for me to fit hundreds of videos and snippets of all the awesome actions and wonderful people that i was with and met during my trip last summer in a single video. And yet, I still wasn't able to put it all. huhuhu

    Now i can't imagine how to make the credits, where to fit and explain the story lines of what is happening in the whole Video reel. Nyahahaha!! :-p

    (Singapore, Malaysia, Davao, Dahilayan, Paraiso Verde, Tinoto, Bulua, Ladol & Kawas hu ...

  • Spearfishing Philippines Tabina ZDS

    3 days of Spearfishing @ Tambunan, Tabina, Zamboanga del Sur..we would like to thank Mayor Greg for the hospitality.and also to Cecil l. Tobillo, Tabina Divers President, John Mark Marcojos & Tabs Arsenal...

  • Molopolo Among Best Marine Protected Areas

    Macrohon's Bird and Fish Sanctuary in Barangay Molopolo was awarded third place by the prestigious Marine Protected Area Support Network at the Intercontinental Hotel in Makati City.

    The Tambunan Marine Sanctuary in Barangay Tabina, Zamboanga del Sur won First Place, while Second place went to the Buluan Marine protected Area in Ipil Zamboanga.

    Sharing Third Place with Malopolo's Bird and Fish Sanctuary was the Bitaong Marine Protected Area in Samar.

  • Zamboanga Coastal Village Gets Top Marine Conservation Area Award

    Zamboanga Coastal Village Gets Top Marine Conservation Area Award

    In a remote coastal village in Zamboanga del Sur, the task of protecting a marine sanctuary falls upon a six-person team of environmental workers who keep the sea and mangrove forest safe from greedy commercial fishers.

    But the job is made more difficult by pirates, warlords and insurgents lurking in the surrounding conflict-ridden pockets of Mindanao, according to officials.

    For meeting and rising above these challenges, the Tambunan Marine Protected Area in the small fishing town of Tabina was declared the most outstanding at the 4th Para El Mar Awards and Recognition held at the Inter ...

  • Leyte fish bird sanctuary wins award

    Leyte fish bird sanctuary wins award

    The Molopolo-Sta. Cruz Marine Fish and Bird Sanctuary in Macrohon, Southern Leyte got third place in the 2013 best Marine Protected Area (MPA) award on Friday.

    The sanctuary, which houses varied marine life and different species of migratory birds, is a 25-hectare lot tied with Betaog Fish Sanctuary and Marine Park in Eastern Samar. The said sanctuary received P35,000 as cash prize which will be used to improve the MPAs.

    The MPA was adjudged as the first place of the 2012 Champion of the Seas project of the Southern Leyte Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (Penro). MPA i ...