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  • Beyond Zamboanga City

    Beyond Zamboanga City

    Zamboanga City, dubbed "Asia's Latin City," abounds with architectural attractions in the city proper.

    There are the Spanish ruins of Fort Pilar, and culinary attractions like satti and deep-sea crab curacha. These alone can keep a traveler busy for a day.

    If you have more time to explore, you can choose from or do all these activities:

    1) Visit the tree houses and teepees at Pasonanca Park.

    If you want some quick nature-tripping near the city proper, Pasonanca Park is ideal as it is just 20 minutes away.

    With expanses of green grass and abundant trees, it is indeed a park, thou ...

  • Zamboangas Pride Pasonanca Natural Park

    Zamboangas Pride Pasonanca Natural Park

    Photos, videos and great stories, sometimes are not enough to illustrate the beauty and wonder of a particular scenic spot unless seen by own naked eye; one great "experience" is something money cannot buy.

    These are some of the mutual feelings that members of the Zamboanga Adventure Tourism Eco- Recreation Society (ZATERS) felt when the group embarked on it's first adventure tourism activity, - a 1.8 km trek on the "recreational" zone of the protected area of the "Pasonanca Natural Park" as the group encourages ZamboangueƱos to try trekking the "recreational area" to appreciate it's value ...

  • Zamboanga City A fusion of cultures

    Zamboanga City A fusion of cultures

    Well-preserved heritage buildings, unforgettable seafood cuisines, unique shopping experience and an unbelievable ethnic explosion of cultures welcome eager visitors in this city.

    For over 400 years, Chavacano, the only Spanish creole in Asia is widely spoken in Zamboanga City, one of the reasons why this lively metropolis is marketed as "Asia's Latin City".

    Here are some suggested activities in Zamboanga City:

    Vinta Ride

    The kaleidoscopic vintas used to be visible only in Zamboanga city during the La Hermosa Festival. But June last year, the Department of Tourism Region IX laun ...