Mahayag Spring

Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur

Mahayag Spring is located in Tuboran, Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur. It is richly endowed by nature with rich tourism potentials.

The Eriberta Springs and Mt Malindang Resort will undoubtedly cool each excursionist from the tropical heat with inviting gush^of spring water cascading down the rocks.

Eriberta Mahayag Spring News

  • Eriberta Cold Spring

    Eriberta Cold Spring

    Imagine yourself like a kid strolling on the streets on a winter day, with no coats on or whatsoever. Shivering from the breeze but still, with eyes full of wonder. Not caring of the cold, but instead, lying on the ground laughing while making a snow angel. Well that was what I was like when I experienced the cold waters of Eriberta Cold Spring.

  • Getting a Taste of Molave in Zamboanga del Sur

    Getting a Taste of Molave in Zamboanga del Sur

    On the northeastern part of Zamboanga del Sur lies a place not much affected by typhoons. Being bounded by mountain ranges, Molave is rarely struck by tropical cyclones. Lying at the foot of a verdant hill and surrounded by the Salug Diut River, Molave is generally divided into the lowlands (flat, swampy and marshy) and highlands (hilly).


    Molave derives its name from the strong, hard and resilient tree that was quite numerous in the area in the past.

    The beginnings of Molave can be traced back to the early 1930s when it was just a small patch of settlement in a marshy jungle ...

  • Zamboanga Del Sur Tourist Attractions

    Zamboanga Del Sur Tourist Attractions

    Are you looking for the best tourist attractions the country has to offer Then you should not miss visiting the province of Zamboanga Del Sur as it possesses wonders both natural and manmade, shaping this wonderful land into the vibrant and majestic province that has drawn visitors from all over the Philippines.

    Mabait Beach ??" located in Barangay Poloyagan, about 2 kilometer from Pagadian proper, available for fishing and swimming.

    Puting Balas ??" a stretch of white sand beach just five minutes via motorboat south of the seaport. Clear, deep, blue water (even at low tide) are ideal f ...

  • Eriberta Spring Tuboran Mahayag Zamboanga del Sur

    Eriberta Spring Tuboran Mahayag Zamboanga del Sur

    As we travel ride going to the spring, we found out that the road is already widen, smooth, no bigger rocks, easy to go to about 5-7 kilometers before arriving ERIBERTA TUBORAN SPRING, from town proper of Mahayag.

    Finally, with my two big round eyes I see Welcome to ERIBERTA TUBORAN SPRING MAHAYAG. I hear yelling flow water, which calling my deep heart to feel the real beauty of nature, how gifted our place is. I am so proud of it.

    Eriberta, Tuboran Spring, Mahayag Zamboanga del Sur own and manage by the family of Molave Mayor Flavio Saniel Jr. Resort gifted by unceasing flow of water, ...