Yangil Village

San Felipe, Zambales

Yangil Village is the eye-opening side located in San Felipe province of Zambales. It is one of the nine Aeta tribe villages in Zambales that have been suffering from poverty and insufficient vegetation since the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo occured in 1991.

Yangil Village News

  • Tribes And Treks: Where Seeds Outweigh The Sun

    Tribes And Treks: Where Seeds Outweigh The Sun

    With MAD Travel's Tribes and Treks, travelers walk through volcanic ash, plant trees, get to know the local tribe, and hopefully find something meaningful along the way.

    Not many people have been to Sitio Yangil in Zambales, but those who have wont soon forget.

    The journey alone is the kind that sears itself into memory. To get there, one has to walk for an hour through lahar-covered valley, which, whether muddy or dry, makes each step a test of balance. Depending on the season, one may also have to cross rushing streams, or endure an unrelenting sun.

    Its a route thats been taken by t ...

  • Sowing Seeds To Save Culture The Countryside

    Sowing Seeds To Save Culture The Countryside

    On assignment from London, I came to Manila to write about this booming city and its people.

    As a foreign business journalist, I was welcomed into high-rise buildings, exclusive lounges and fancy dinners in the cities of Makati and Taguig. It was here where I met influential businessmen and politicians the very people tasked to lead the growth of the city. I was told at length about the National Capital Regions evolving business practices, the work ethic and determination of the Filipino, as well as the bright outlook of the country.

    While the suits and skylines spoke for themselves, it ...

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    Five Suggestions For That Unforgettable Summer Getaway

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    Here are five sure win destinations for all kinds of travelers.

    For the ultimate adventurer: SAGADA, MT. PROVINCE

    Sagada is no longer this small remote town where few dare to tread. Thanks to a local rom-com movie and sensationalism, tourism in Sagada boomed beyond imagination. Traffic became a thing (especially during Holy Week), more hotels and restaurants opened, roads were paved and widened (sometimes at the cost of decade-old trees), crowds of tourists became a norm??"even on ...

  • Time To Go On A Holiday That Matters

    Time To Go On A Holiday That Matters

    Zambales has become known as a home-break spot to many ManileƱos when the call for a quick vacation arises.

    With its breath-taking coves, beaches and mountains, such as Liwliwa, Potipot Island, Capones Island, Anawangin Cove and Nagsasa Cove, people may opt to camp, surf, trek, or simply rest by the beach when in the province.

    But little did many know, until recently, that apart from these vacation spots in Zambales is a greater scheme of adventures that matter: The road to the barren ancestral domain of the Aeta community in Yangil Village.

    Yangil Village, together with its neighbou ...

  • Christmas Arrives Early In This Aeta Village

    Christmas Arrives Early In This Aeta Village

    At the heart of Sierra Madre lies a small village called Sitio Yangil. It is the home of approximately 30 Aeta families, living harmoniously with other indigenous inhabitants of the land??" tall trees, rare birds and vibrant flowers.

    In order to get there, one must cross three rivers and a couple of streams, not to mention the one-hour trek over the thick layers of lahar brought by the explosion of Mt. Pinatubo in the '90s.

    Despite that, the trek is truly an exciting experience for any adventure seeker, especially to one who spends most of his time in an office desk.

    As soon as you en ...

  • A Day With The Aeta Tribe In Zambales

    A Day With The Aeta Tribe In Zambales

    Our favorite The Circle Hostel now hosts Tribes & Treks, a full-day intense tour that leads to Sitio Yangil in San Felipe, Zambales where an Aeta tribe resides. This is a regular weekend event where slots get filled up fast, so Ian and I signed up right away last November 5.

    Now, we didn't really do any prior preps as we were thinking that this was going to be a cinch. While none of us have had any actual trekking experience that involved hours climbing a mountain (a hill in Batanes for me maybe?), the initial problem we encountered was that Ian was apparently bad with directions. The suppo ...