Talisayin Cove

San Antonio, Zambales

Talisayin Cove is located in sitio of Barangay Pundaquit ??" one of the 14 barangays of the 3rd class municipality of San Antonio in the province of Zambales. It is just one of the pristine coves nestled along the Zambales coastline where visitors are treated to a more relaxed and quiet environment.

Talisayin Cove Beach News

  • On Top Of The Hill Talisayen Cove

    On Top Of The Hill Talisayen Cove

    It was our second time in Talisayen Cove that weve decided to hike on top of a hill beside the beach since we were not able to do so the first time we visited the place.

  • Zambales Talisayin Cove

    Another weekend well spent at the beach with friends!

    Talisayin Cove is between Nagsasa and Anawangin Cove in Zambales. And it is a lot less crowded than the other two with the same beautiful scenery and with the same amount of money to spend. Lastly, it's just 3 to 4 hours away from the city!

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    Ocean Eyes (Billie Eilish) - Vowl. Redo

  • Talisayin Cove 2017

    Camp at Talisayin Cove, Zambales.

    Music: Lagalag by Tanya Marcova

  • Talisayen Cove A Hidden Paradise In Zambales

    Talisayen Cove A Hidden Paradise In Zambales

    Disclaimer: Itinerary and breakdown of expenses unavailable

    Zambales is a home for many beautiful beaches and islands that boasts of white sands. It is also bordered by mountain ranges, giving a perfect scene to look at.

    In the midst of thesis proposal requirements, my cousin invited me, along with my other cousin, to join her family's Zambales trip. We rode a UV express past 12 in the midnight and arrived at the public market in Zambales as the sun was rising. We were told that the place has no communication signal, thus, I bid a temporary farewell to my mother.

    From the public marke ...

  • Charming Philippine Coves

    Charming Philippine Coves

    Artist Jason Mraz once shared, "My home isn't about being grounded in one corner of the planet. It's about being in love and being lost in the middle of an amazing adventure, witnessing sunbursts over horizons of every time zone". I couldn't agree moreā€¦ Spot on words that have never been spoken.

    A cove is a small, circular to an oval type of bay or coastal inlet, usually with narrow, restricted entrances.

    The Philippines, being an archipelago, have some well-tucked and serene coves perfect for swimming and bumming. These coves are ideal places for swimming because they are believed to ...

  • Nagsasa And Anawangin Cove The Ultimate Camping Guide

    Nagsasa And Anawangin Cove The Ultimate Camping Guide

    In recent years Zambales has become a tourist hot spot with the growing popularity of Nagsasa and Anawangin cove. The two sites attract hundreds of campers yearly with their pristine beaches, majestic mountain ranges, lakes and waterfalls. Their proximity to cities like Metro Manila, make them accessible to people seeking a quick weekend vacation without having to spend a lot.

    Travelling to the coves from the city of Manila will take 3 hours by land. Several bus liners service the Manila to Iba, Zambales route which passes the town of San Antonio. Nagsasa and Anawangin cove are located in B ...