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  • Mount Balingkilat Travers To Nagsasa Cove

    Credits to the Organizer of this Hiking, Its very worth to reach in the Top of Mt. Balingkilat of Zambales, 14 hours. That's how long it took us too conquer this gorgeous mountain, though for a normal person, it usually takes 4-6 hours to reach the summit and another 4-5 hours to reach Nagsasa Cove.

  • Youth Leaders Conduct Marine Conservation Projects In Subic

    The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Sea and Earth Advocates (SEA) Camp recently convened 25 Filipino youth from across the Philippines at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone for a week-long workshop on environmental conservation. YSEALI SEA Camps, organized by Save Philippine Seas (SPS) in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines, are leadership and environmental training programs that empower youth to take action on environmental issues in their home communities, across the Philippines, and around the ASEAN region.

    During the SEA Camp, participants built their leaders ...

  • Mt Balingkilat And Nagsasa Cove Getaway

    Mount Balingkilat and Nagsasa Cove getaway located in Zambales province.

  • Mt Balingkilat Day Hike December 2016

    Mt. Balingkilat "The Mountain of Thunder"

    Subic, Zambales
    Jumpoff: Sitio Cawag Settlement, Subic Town
    LLA: 14.89 N, 120.11 E (est.), 1100 MASL
    Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 4-6 hours
    Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 5/9, Trail class 1-4

  • Mount Balingkilat Traverse

    Mt. Balingkilat is one of the highest peaks in the Zambales coastal mountain ranges and coves area which stands at an altitude of 3600 ft. above sea level. American naval servicemen who once served in Subic Naval Base used to call it as the "Pointed Peak" but the indigenous people (Aetas) prefer to call it as Mt. Balingkilat which means "Mountain of Thunder".

    Since our hike was a planned traverse to Nagsasa Cove, we started the trek at 3am (traverse time is 12 to 13 hours and is usually an overnight hike, we finished it in 11.5 hours as a day hike). The first part of the trail is composed o ...

  • Jetsurfing In Subic

    Pop quiz! What do you get when a jetski and a surfboard got married and had a baby?

    A jetboard!

    That wonderful contraption is what made my weekend so much fun. Jetboards are self-powered boards, made of fiberglass or carbon fiber material. Also known as electronic boards, they are shorter than the shortboards used in surfing. They are also thicker to accommodate the batteries and the engine, an impeller similar to a jet ski, which creates thrust that propels it forward. They are use for surfing even when there is virtually no waves to push the board.

    Jutting out front is a semi-flexi ...