Scarborough Shoal


Scarborough Shoal, also known as Scarborough Reef, is a shoal located between the Macclesfield Bank and Luzon island in the South China Sea.

The shoal is about 198 kilometres west of Subic Bay. To the east of the shoal is the 5,000–6,000 m deep Manila Trench. The nearest landmass is Palauig, Zambales on Luzon island in the Philippines, 220 km due east.

The shoal and i ...

ts surrounding area are rich fishing grounds - the atoll's lagoon provides some protection for fishing boats during inclement weather.

Scarborough Shoal or Reef News

  • China To Build On Scarborough Shoal SC Justice Carpio Calls For PH Action

    Is it Scarborough Shoal's turn?

    After previous constructions in several parts of the South China Sea, China reportedly plans to start building on the Scarborough Shoal, also known as Panatag Shoal, this year.

    China plans to build environmental monitoring stations on a number of islands, including the Scarborough, according to a Reuters report quoting Sansha City Mayor Xiao Jie. Sansha is the youngest city in China and is located on disputed Woody Island in the South China Sea.

    Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella in a statement said the government is still seeking clarifications from ...

  • Why Do They Go To Panatag Pangasinan Fishermen Show Their Marine Bounty

    Why are Filipino fishermen attracted to Scarborough Shoal in the West Philippine Sea?

    The answer came when fishermen—fresh from three days of fishing at the shoal—unloaded their catch at the coastal village of Cato here.

    The shoal's 150-square-kilometer lagoon, as well as the waters surrounding this disputed set of sea rocks, is home to high-value fish species, such as tanigue (narrow-barred Spanish mackerel), lapu-lapu (grouper) and maya-maya (red snapper).

    The crew of fishing vessel Ruvina 3 returned on Saturday, confirming that Chinese Coast Guard vessels have stopped harassing ...

  • Pinoy Fishers Return From Panatag Shoal With Huge Catch Of Fish

    Fishermen from Pangasinan returned home early Saturday with a huge load of big species of fish they caught from Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal, after they were allowed to fish inside the lagoon for first time in four years.

    A report on GMA News said some fishermen from Pangasinan arrived with their huge catch early Saturday morning after days of fishing inside the shoal beginning Wednesday night.

    They showed their "brimming" boats with the catch of black and orange lapu-lapu fish, bakalaw, tanigue, and damas o bisugong bato, among other species of fish.

    GMA News quoted the returning fish ...

  • Chinese Fishers Destroy Reefs As Anti-Ivory Action Boosts Clam Market

    Chinese fishing boats are wantonly destroying reefs using anchors and boat propellors to extract valuable Giant Clams as global anti-poaching efforts impact the ivory trade, leaving a gap in the market. Following reports by the BBC and Diplomat Magazine, marine ecologist & biologist John McManus headed to the disputed territory in the South China Sea to assess the damage himself. Here's what he found...

    A January article by Victor Robert Lee in the Diplomat on cutter boats causing widespread damage to coral reefs in the Spratly Islands area of the South China Sea caused me grave concerns ab ...

  • Declare Scarborough Shoal as rocks not island

    The Philippine government should ask the United Nations to declare Scarborough Shoal as rocks and not an island, in order not to lose major part of its entire exclusive economic zone in the South China Sea, in case it loses to China which has virtually occupied the contested shoal with three ships, for the past seven months, an investigative news arm said.

    This is one good option because China has already occupied Scarborough Shoal, and the Philippines has almost given it up since June, as attested to by several Philippine authorities, Vera Files said.

    "(After a standoff between Philippi ...

  • The Scarborough Shoal

    The Scarborough Shoal (Philippine name: Panatag Shoal; Chinese name: Huangyan Dao) is a triangle-shaped chain of reefs and islands surrounding a lagoon covering an area of 150 square kilometers.

    The closest Philippine land mass is Palauig in Zambales province, 220 km away. It is also 350 km from Manila and more than 800 km southeast of Hong Kong.

    Several islands in Scarborough are 3 meters high, while many of the reefs are below water at high tide. Several rocks also dot Scarborough, the most prominent of which is South Rock, 1.8 meters above water at high tide.

    Not part of Spratlys