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  • Our First Time Pawikan Face to Face

    It was our first time to come face to face with these quiet creatures. They wore different shades of gray and had very soft exteriors. They seemed so fragile. The caretaker assured us that they were ready to return to their natural habitat. And we had the opportunity to help some of them get to the shore.

    Most of the baby pawikans had their eyes closed and kept still, lying on their makeshift nest. I chose the little one who was flapping incessantly by the corner. It appeared like it was looking forward to the swim so much that I couldn't place it on my palm properly. I let go of my baby as ...

  • Turtle Hunter Turned Conservationist Makes Him a Zambales Champion Of The Sea

    Pawikans, from newborns who struggle to the sea, to the beauty of watching them in the oceans, laying their eggs and helping them make a life – that is what Gerry Grospe didn't do for years.

    In fact Gerry used to sell the turtles for their meat and collect their eggs for food 8 years ago – but Gerry's life took a turn for the good, and today he has become one of the top conservationists in the Philippines.

    Inviting people to his seminars and workshops in Katimpuyog Zambales, Gerry is an advocate and a pawikan ranger in San Narcisco, Zambales

    "Our pawikan rangers are composed of lo ...

  • Me The Hatchling And The Sea

    A few years back I dreamed of working with sea turtles and promote their protection and conservation. Today, I got to visit the Pawicare Conservation Center located in San Narciso, Zambales. I got to hold 2-day old sea turtles and let them swim to the open sea.

    That would suffice for now. It felt good. Really good.

  • Baby Pawikan Hatching A San Narciso Zambalez Pawikan Hatchery

    Baby Pawikan Hatching A San Narciso Zambalez