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  • Lets Do The Zamba

    Lets Do The Zamba

    Footloose travelers need not look far for a consummate and budget-friendly getaway in this long hot summer. Just a few hours north of the metropolis lies Zambales, a province that offers a zestful mixture of culture, adventure and nature.

    Fondly called "Zamba," the province is a constant top local destination due to its proximity, and diverse attractions and experiences it offers.

    Choose your water adventure

    With a 177-kilometer West Philippine Sea coastline, it is a sought-after getaway for its fine-sand beaches of varying shades, with nearly all points offering a beach view and mesm ...

  • Lake Mapanuepe And The Life Created By The Mt Pinatubo Eruption

    Lake Mapanuepe And The Life Created By The Mt Pinatubo Eruption

    None could be had of vast areas of San Marcelino town in the aftermath of Mount Pinatubo's eruption in 1991, the second most devastating volcanic eruption in the 20th century.

    Lahar had flowed where rivers once breathed of life and ash left no spot uncovered for weeks, then months, then years. But an interesting thing also happened ??" an entire village in of this town in Zambales became submerged in water.

    Sitio Buhawen in Barangay Pili used to be a thriving community of miners involved in chromite extraction at the foot of Mt. Pinatubo.

    The land was pressed between two natural water ...

  • Chiang Chio Te Memorial Aeta Schools

    Chiang Chio Te Memorial Aeta Schools

    Dep Ed has provided new classrooms for the Chiang Chio Te Memorial School this year. The school now has 7 teachers and the original classrooms have been converted into Office, Library and residence for pupils and teachers on weekdays. There are now 147 registered pupils from Kindergarten to Grade 6 inclusive.

    News November 2012 : Marta reported that the Chiang Chio Teh Memorial School is subject for repair. The School Principal, Mrs. Luz Soler, mentioned that Dep-Ed have just constructed two-School Buildings with 2-rooms each built just beside our Chang cho Teh School catering to Grades ...

  • Nagsasa Escapade

    Nagsasa Escapade

    After weeks of planning and spending hours over the internet looking for a perfect destination up north for the coming holy week .Me and my beloved girlfriend and decided to go to Nagsasa cove and stay at Nora's beach resort after our Nagsasa trip. Nora's beach resort is located at Barangay Pundaquit (Punda-Kit) a small fishing village in the town of San Antonio, Zambales which is also our jump off point to Nagsasa . Nagsasa cove is one of the coves that were formed after the Mt.Pinatubo eruption in 1991,its shore line is layered with fine greyish white volcanic ash, surrounded by crystal cl ...

  • Nagsasa Cove

    Nagsasa Cove

    I went on an adventure with my friends last March 1 and 2. Honestly, I didn't have anything planned for the trip even though I was the one who asked everyone to go haha. But surprisingly everything went well except for a few glitches. Jed, Francis, Rap, Ron, and Marv went with me.

    We left early tuesday morning at 6:30 am in the morning. That was the schedule of the bus leaving from cubao station headed to zambales. I almost went to the wrong station because I was under the impression that the cubao station is the one near kamias road. Fortunately Marv texted me early in the morning and told ...

  • Nagsasa Cove Exploring The South Side

    Nagsasa Cove Exploring The South Side

    On the southern of the cove lies a small community with about a dozen houses sheltered under neatly lined pine trees. There used to be about 28 families there but that number dwindled to less than half. Some of the families have moved to Pundaquit (nearest barangay) to find work and for their children to have access to schools.

    Those who remained in the cove earn a living by small scale fishing. On good days they can catch enough to sell to the town folks of Subic (or exchange for supplies like ice) - a good 4 hours away by outrigger boat. If the weather is good they would gather dead and f ...