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  • Surf Trip To Zambales

    A bit from our Surf trip do Liwa Liwa Beach, located in Zambales. The trip by bus take about 4 hours, there?s a huge infrastructure for tourists and that?s a plus! One of the best vibes actually, the locals are all very cool people, the best season is in December.

  • Zambales Surfing Liwliwa Crystal Beach

    Surfing Crystal Beach and Liwliwa, Zambales on Dec. 18, 2016

    Shot using GoPro Hero 3+ Black and Hero 4 Silver Edition edited with mostly Windows Movie Maker

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    Music: Vance Joy - Riptide

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    Road trip

  • Christmas Arrives Early In This Aeta Village

    Christmas Arrives Early In This Aeta Village

    At the heart of Sierra Madre lies a small village called Sitio Yangil. It is the home of approximately 30 Aeta families, living harmoniously with other indigenous inhabitants of the land??" tall trees, rare birds and vibrant flowers.

    In order to get there, one must cross three rivers and a couple of streams, not to mention the one-hour trek over the thick layers of lahar brought by the explosion of Mt. Pinatubo in the '90s.

    Despite that, the trek is truly an exciting experience for any adventure seeker, especially to one who spends most of his time in an office desk.

    As soon as you en ...

  • Beach Trip In Liw-liwa San Felipe Zambales

    It's another weekend, another place!

    We had been longing for a beach trip for a while now and we finally had one! We even had a perfect weather and got ourselves a comfy kubo to stay for the night!

    I hope you guys enjoy this! :)

  • A Day With The Aeta Tribe In Zambales

    A Day With The Aeta Tribe In Zambales

    Our favorite The Circle Hostel now hosts Tribes & Treks, a full-day intense tour that leads to Sitio Yangil in San Felipe, Zambales where an Aeta tribe resides. This is a regular weekend event where slots get filled up fast, so Ian and I signed up right away last November 5.

    Now, we didn't really do any prior preps as we were thinking that this was going to be a cinch. While none of us have had any actual trekking experience that involved hours climbing a mountain (a hill in Batanes for me maybe?), the initial problem we encountered was that Ian was apparently bad with directions. The suppo ...

  • Escape The City Surf And Serenity At Liwliwa Zambales

    Escape The City Surf And Serenity At Liwliwa Zambales

    Its name may not be as popular as Baler, its swells may not be as frequented as La Union's. But its gentle waves and sloping shores make it a retreat from the city definitely worth the drive or a bus ride. Step into the sleepy yet special town of Liwliwa in Zambales: where surf is the heartbeat and serenity is soul.

    Just about four hours away from the bustling and busy Manila, Liwliwa has become an alternative to the more famous surfing spots up north. From the main road of San Felipe, Zambales, a narrow crossing with a small town marker and a hostel's name stand (they're not too noticeable ...