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  • Magalawa Island, Things To Do And How To Get There Playing

    Magalawa Island, Things To Do And How To Get There Playing

    The province of Zambales boasts several tourist attractions. From hiking the mountains of Redondo Peninsula in the South (Mt. Cinco Picos, Mt. Balingkilat) and Mt. Tapulao's peak in the North also the islands and coves such as Capones and Potipot, to name a few. Up north of Zambales there is an island less visited by weekenders a few years back, and is now becoming a tourist attraction packed with people, especially on holidays. This is the Magalawa Island.

  • How Life Is In An Island, Day 2 Magalawa Island, Zambales

    2 Days in an island really is different. I felt so simple in the way on how to live in an island. Waking up, walking, doing things and exploring the view was one of the moments I will share to youand won't forget. I may say it is WORTH IT!

  • Guide To Magalawa Island Palauig Zambales

    Guide To Magalawa Island Palauig Zambales

    Magalawa is an island barangay lying 6 kilometers, northwest of the Poblacion in the municipality of Palauig, Province of Zambales, Philippines. Surrounding the island is the vast China Sea. Beyond the north is the San Salvador Island of Masinloc and on the east is Sitio Luan, Lipay. It is known for beautiful beaches. Magalawa is 56 hectares in area.

  • Magalawa Island Cant Wait For Summer

    Magalawa Island Cant Wait For Summer

    There are only two seasons in the Philippines: wet and dry. The dry season typically runs from November to May, with the wet season ??" usually the time for rains and typhoons ??" picking up the rest. (This has changed in recent years, however, with typhoons hanging around until late December.) Four years ago we decided that we would not wait for summer but would start going to the beaches beginning January. By then the rains would have stopped but it would also be the time when the temperature wouldn't be as hot as during the dry months beginning April.

    Eventually, we ended up going to Mag ...

  • Travel Guide Magalawa Island Palauig Zambales

    Magalawa Island is located in the town of Palauig, Zambales. The island, with its beige or light golden brown colored sand, is ideal for swimming and beach bumming. There's also a marine sanctuary near the island where you can snorkel and swim with the fishes. There's also a mangrove area in the island.

    Magalawa is not a big island, but it has it's own electricity being supplied from the nearby barangay in the mainland. There are also resorts in the island for your accommodation needs. A fishing community also exist in the island and several families lives in Barangay Magalawa.

    How to ge ...

  • Mount Tapulao Dayhike

    "Ang pagmamahal na kasing tigas ng mga Bato sa Mt Tapulao"

    Mt Tapulao
    December 4 2016

    Mount Tapulao is the tallest mountain in the Zambales Mountain range and in the province of Zambales in the Philippines. The peak, which rise to an elevation of 2,037 metres, is located in the municipality of Palauig, Zambales. Wikipedia

    Elevation: 2,037 m
    Specs: Major Climb, Difficulty 5/9, Trail Class 1-3

    Thank you Team Tuklas Sir Edward Guitering and Maam Rosdie Mae Maralit Castro! Sa susunod na ahon ulet!

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