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  • Ocean Adventures Environmental Efforts Ocean Adventure

    Ocean Adventure is a strong advocate of marine conservation and environmental protection. Every day our staff of aquarists, trainers, divers, veterinarians, and indigenous Aeta brothers in our Forest Conservation Unit work hard to insure that the land and waters are safe for our resident animals and our valued guests.

    Everybody has a role to play, especially during the rainy season when trash from inner-bay communities is carried into our shores. We work from dawn to dark pulling trash from the water, sometimes by the boatload. Every day resident aquarists take water samples from different ...

  • Dolly of Agua Bendita In Marmam Training

    Ocean Adventure's most popular dolphin named C2 or better known as "Dolly" in ABS-CBN's Fantaserye - Agua Bendita, helped the participants from the Provincial Government of Albay and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Bicol in its Training on Marine Mammal (MarMam) Stranding Response held in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City on September 1-2, 2010.

    Along with two other dolphins, Dolly's aesthetic beauty, charisma and the ability to brazenly simulate stranding incident assisted the trainees to learn hands-on marine mammal rescue.

    "Dolly" is a common bottlenose dolphin ( ...

  • 2nd Philippine Marine Mammal Stranding Network National Symposium

    I spent the past week in Subic Bay at a conference about Marine Mammal Stranding (http://www.oceanadventure.com.ph/symposiums-and-workshops/philippine-marine-mammal-stranding-network-national-symposium/). In the Philippines most strandings of dolphins, whales, dugongs…etc. are caused by toxins in the water, blast fishing, or entanglement. At the conference we talked about best practices for release, rehabilitation, and euthanasia of these animals and the decision making process involved in these 3 options. It was also a great opportunity to meet representatives from throughout the Philippine ...

  • Rescued Dolphin Recovering Well At Subic Marine Park

    A stranded dolphin rescued in April by members of the Philippine Marine Mammal Stranding Network (PMMSN) is now on its way to full recovery after almost two months of rehabilitation at the Ocean Adventure marine park in this free port.

    Kagitingan, who was named as such because it was rescued in Subic, Zambales, on April 9, the Day of Valor, has already regained its appetite and vigor, said Gail Laule, chief operating officer of Ocean Adventure, which operates a Dolphin Rescue and Rehabilitation Center here.

    The rough-toothed dolphin was first spotted by Subic residents as it was swimmin ...

  • 6th Dolphin Victimized By Dynamite Fishing Doing Well In Subic Freeport

    The sixth dolphin to be rescued in the past 10 months by the Philippine Marine Mammal Stranding Network (PMMSN) in Zambales is on its way to bfull recovery at the Dolphin Rescue and Rehabilitation Center at Ocean Adventure in Subic Freeport Gail Laule, chief operating officer of Ocean Adventure, said however, that the dolphin seemed to have suffered some degree of hearing loss, like the five other dolphins rescued earlier by the PMMSN over a 10-month period.

    Laule said all the dolphins seemed to have been victims of dynamite fishing off the shores of Zambales. The latest rescued male dolphi ...

  • Mermaids Help Save Dolphins

    Mermaids and dolphins love each other. It is a statement proven when I went to participate at Project MOM: Mermaids On a Mission, during Mother's Day weekend in Subic. As a Mermaid Swim Coach, this is a very meaningful activity for me, because not only did I swim with dolphins, but together with fellow mermaids, helped raise funds for the sick, wounded and stranding marine mammals.

    It was of great pleasure for us to have this fund-raising event for our chosen charity, the PHILIPPINE MARINE MAMMAL STRANDING NETWORK based at OCEAN ADVENTURE, in the beautiful Camayan Wharf, Zambales. PMMSN ...