Masinloc Oyon Bay Marine Reserve

Palauig, Zambales

Masinloc Oyon Bay Marine Reserve is located in Palauig, Zambales. On August 18, 1993, then President Fidel Ramos signed an order declaring Oyon Bay a marine reserve and protected area following multiple issues of over fishing and pollution, mainly the dumping of wastes from local plants.

Masinloc Oyon Bay Marine Reserve News

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  • Twilight in Oyon Bay

    Twilight in Oyon Bay

    There was once a time when bursts of color filled Oyon Bay at sunset. As tinges of pink and purple swept the sky, a string of fishing boats would appear in the distance, their sails of quilted multicolored rags billowing in the wind. One by one, these boats would drift past the big, orange sun sliding slowly down the horizon.

    A Chinese national oversees a sprawling fish cage in Oyon Bay.
    By nightfall, the boats, groaning under the weight of crabs and an assortment of fish, would reach the shore, where residents and guests of resorts by the bay would be waiting eagerly.

    These scenes are ...