Magic Left Surfing

San Antonio, Zambales

Magic Left Surf Break, also called Pundaquit break, is located in Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales. Magic Left is the most popular surf spot in San Antonio. An awesome spot during south swell.

Magic Left Pundaquit Surfing Break News

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  • Beginner surfing at Magic Left Zambales

    We skipped bigger waves since it's my first time...and I don't know how to swim (yet) haha.

    Surf Spot:
    Magic Left -- Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales

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  • San Antonio Zambales Pundaquits Pride

    San Antonio Zambales Pundaquits Pride

    The coastal province of Zambales is synonymous to countless beach destinations, hidden coves, and pristine islands. But when the south swell sweeps across the West Philippine Sea and the vast body of water rumbles like roaring thunder, the sea calls out ??" surfing season is back. In previous travels, we've visited Zambales' surf spots like San Narciso and San Felipe, but today, let's check out San Antonio's Pundaquit and its famed, "Magic Left".

    Pundaquit, a fishing village in San Antonio, is home to the well-known surf spot called Magic Left, where waves rise from 2-3 foot swells to massi ...

  • The Impact Zone a Pundaquit Photo Series

    The Impact Zone a Pundaquit Photo Series

    This is the fault of the Internet, says the foreigner beside me in the lineup. "Back in the day, you had to call your mate to let him know this spot was firing and it would take him two hours to get here, and the conditions would have already changed then."

    We both stared at what Magic Left offered us that day: a light offshore wind, a dewy mountain view, and some 40-50 surfers of all skill levels dotting the lineup. We were all here for the beautiful lefts that made you want to write poems and cry.

    Okay, maybe it's exactly exaggerations like that last line that wrought out this crowd pr ...

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