Magaul Bird Park

Subic, Zambales

Magaul Bird Park, a theme park situated at Jest Camp in Subic Bay, Zambales. Magaul Bird Park features different types of birds you can watch and feed. Labels and descriptions of the birds are placed outside their respective cages. Additionally, staffs of the camp offer help in providing more explanations. Guaranteed that you will go out of the bird park with new-found knowledge.

Magaul Bird Park News

  • 48 Hours In Subic Bay Freeport

    48 Hours In Subic Bay Freeport

    Be it a day tour or an overnight vacation, this former American naval base offers an adventure that you can enjoy while one feasts on the natural scenery that is mostly forest on one side and sea on the other.

    From being known as an investment haven and an economic zone, Subic Bay Freeport has rapidly become a one-stop shop for tourists looking for a holiday destination that offers nature-based attractions and a family-oriented recreational retreat.

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    Subic Bay Freeport Zone, also known as Subic Bay, is located southwest of Luzon and surrounded by Hermosa and Morong in Bataan, and, Subic and Olongapo in Zambales.

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    Rediscover Subic Bay

    What was once a the site of a United States Navy facility, the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ), or Subic Bay, now stands as the Philippines' first successful conversion of a military base into a tax- and duty-free zone. Being one of the points in Region III's Growth Triangle (the other two being Clark, and Tarlac), it supplies the provinces of Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Pampanga, Bataan, and Zambales of products and services.

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  • Day Six In Magaul Bird Park

    Day Six In Magaul Bird Park

    For Day 6 of our Epic Staycation, we headed to Magaul Bird Park--- located inside Subic Freeport.

    First impressions....the entrance to the park was like running a gauntlet of bird calls.....with apparently the noisiest birds in the park on display within the first 20 meters.

    But after getting past the incessant was a very cool experience--- especially for our bird-loving kids.

    Enjoy something has been a super hot summer here....anything frozen is always a good call. It just doesn't stay that way for long.

    Because we homeschool-- we were able to take our vac ...

  • A visit to Magaul Bird Park at Jest Camp Subic Bay

    A visit to Magaul Bird Park at Jest Camp Subic Bay

    If you are planning to have a weekend getaway, Subic Bay is a really good choice. Just two hours away from Manila, they have beaches where you can enjoy the summer sun and engage in fun water activities, be one again with nature and go on adventure hikes, take the scenic bike route plus there are also several new attractions that are unique to Subic Bay. One of which, Mickey and I were able to visit - the Magaul Bird Park at Jest Camp.

    We paid the park admission of Php 370.00 per person to see the attractions, but there are different packages to avail of should you wish to get more advent ...

  • Back at Subic JEST Camp and Magaul Bird Park

    Back at Subic JEST Camp and Magaul Bird Park

    Logs and kindling were piled and hotdogs with soft marshmallows were skewered on thin bamboo sticks. Twilight has set in a few hundred feet above Subic Bay. From a frame of tree branches, we can clearly see the city below, alive and twinkling; its electric hues illuminating the darkening sky, reflecting on the dark bay. With a flash of flint, our bonfire whooped into existence. We forgot about the electric lights as we basked at the glow of the fire, mesmerized with its crackling intensity, ready with our hotdogs, stories and bottles of beer.

    We were at Subic's JEST Camp. It was my third t ...