Magalawa Island and Sanctuary

Palauig, Zambales

Magalawa Island is located on the edge of Oyon Bay Marine Reserve in Palauig, Zambales. On August 18, 1993, then President Fidel Ramos signed an order declaring Oyon Bay a marine reserve and protected area following multiple issues of over fishing and pollution, mainly the dumping of wastes from local plants.

Magalawa Island and Marine Sanctuary News

  • Magalawa Island Cant Wait For Summer

    There are only two seasons in the Philippines: wet and dry. The dry season typically runs from November to May, with the wet season – usually the time for rains and typhoons – picking up the rest. (This has changed in recent years, however, with typhoons hanging around until late December.) Four years ago we decided that we would not wait for summer but would start going to the beaches beginning January. By then the rains would have stopped but it would also be the time when the temperature wouldn't be as hot as during the dry months beginning April.

    Eventually, we ended up going to Mag ...

  • Travel Guide Magalawa Island Palauig Zambales

    Magalawa Island is located in the town of Palauig, Zambales. The island, with its beige or light golden brown colored sand, is ideal for swimming and beach bumming. There's also a marine sanctuary near the island where you can snorkel and swim with the fishes. There's also a mangrove area in the island.

    Magalawa is not a big island, but it has it's own electricity being supplied from the nearby barangay in the mainland. There are also resorts in the island for your accommodation needs. A fishing community also exist in the island and several families lives in Barangay Magalawa.

    How to ge ...

  • I Wanna Dance With Zambales Quick Beach Weekend Getaway In Magalawa Island

    For those in need of quick weekend getaway, I found the perfect place for you and your friends. Just one bus ride away from Manila and you're already in this secluded Zambales getaway. I will also include transportation option, food, accommodation and activities. Let's start!

    Magalawa Island is now one of the newest tourist destination in Zambales. An eco-tourism resort, Magalawa Island Armada Resort, a privately owned resort, has been developed since 2009 and now continually on its rise with its back to basic and nature trip settings. Just recently, to be able to provide and generate livel ...

  • The Bacala Sandbar And Rest House

    Leo likes to do a lot of research before going on a trip but no amount of scrutiny will cover everything there is to discover about any given destination. Many of the highlights we've had in our travels over the years belong to the categories of the unplanned and the unsought. Those are some of the things that make a journey truly exciting, pleasurable and meaningful.

    Four years ago we visited Magalawa Island in the town of Palauig, Zambales, another off-the-beaten track destination in our bucket list at that time. On the second day at Magalawa the resort caretakers offered a ride to the gi ...

  • Places To Visit In Zambales

    Just recently, the province of Zambales became more popular because of the issue about the West Philippine Sea arbitration case with China. The long stretch of shoreline, facing the West Philippine Sea, has fine white sand, the water is crystal clear, the ambiance is absolutely refreshing, and more to offer. Having said that, since it is already considered as tourist destinations, beach resorts created variety of water activities like scuba diving. Here are just some of the famous beaches in Zambales:

    First is Magalawa Island (photo above), it has fine white sand, like Boracay, and surround ...

  • Magalawa Island The Pearl Of Zambales

    Zambales is located in the North West of Luzon, facing the Philippine Sea. This province is one of the most visited provinces of the north in terms of great beaches because of its fine white sand. The high altitude ranges of the province are also in the eyes of many mountaineers for hiking purposes. Some of the famous are Mt. Tapulao, Mt. Balingkilat and Mt. Cinco Pincos. Aside from these ranges, the famous Capones Island, Nagsasa Cove, Anawangin Cove, and Potipot Island are situated in the province which attracts tourists. Tourism plays a huge factor that contributes to the economy of the pro ...