Liw-Liwa Beach

San Felipe, Zambales

Liw-Liwa beach is located in the town of San Felipe in Zambales and is the longest beach in the area. Liw-Liwa's beach front is over four kilometers long and leads to the rivermouth. Enjoy swimming in the cool waters. During strong rains from June to August, the current can be strong and dangerous.

Swim only when waters are safe. Strong winds along Liw-Liwa's shoreline is perfect f ...

or kite flying in the afternoon. Some people even try bringing Kite Surfing gear. The forest trail around Liw-Liwa is perfect for nature walks and biking. There are still no bikes in the area so you are encouraged to bring your own.

Liw-Liwa Beach Surfing News

  • Freedom Surf 2018 Held In Liwliwa Zambales

    Freedom Surf 2018 Held In Liwliwa Zambales

    Our group, Batang Hamog Mountaineers, has been participating the annual celebration of the Philippine Independence by creating an activity focusing on #Kalayaan, #Kasarinlan, #Freedom, or #Independence and this year's event was Freedom Surf 2018 held at Home Break Hostel, one of the simple resorts in Liwliwa, Zambales. If you're unfamiliar with this spot, it's normal because prominent surfing spots usually are Siargao, Baler, La Union and many other. Now Liwliwa, in Zambales, is the newest addition to the list.

  • Liwliwa Surfing Beach San Felipe Zambales (Travel Vlog)

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  • 5 Overnight Beach Trips For P2,000 Or Less

    5 Overnight Beach Trips For P2,000 Or Less

    Beautiful beaches accessible to Metro Manila some as close as 3 hours away.

    While there are beaches like Palawans or even Boracays that are most likely on many peoples bucket lists, there are some beautiful beaches that can be easily reached from Manila, too. These beaches are accessible via a land trip, plus a boat trip, in some cases.

    These trips can cost just around P2,000 and below, especially if you choose basic accommodations or camping. For trips requiring boat transfers, traveling with a group is a must to stick to the budget.

    Some of the beaches below can be reached in as lit ...

  • Surfing Long Beach Walks And More Guide To Liwliwa Beach With a Budget Below P2,000

    Surfing Long Beach Walks And More Guide To Liwliwa Beach With a Budget Below P2,000

    There is nothing quite like the beach in Liwliwa. Three times Ive been to this beach in the town of San Felipe, Zambales, and its quiet beauty and magic remain the same.

  • Liwa Earth Festival

    Liwa Earth Festival

    I didnt know about this until I was approached by Abby Ramos during our second day at Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales. There werent any waves that day and we were just bumming by the shore. Abby told us that their friends were holding an event in nearby Liw-Liwa in San Felipe, a few towns from where we were in San Narciso.

    We had nothing better to do and Ive never been to beach events in Zambales save for La Unions parties which I avoided during my stay there last year during PSCT because just so many people. Call me your millennial tita but I valued my beauty sleep especially if Im surfin ...

  • Flee The City A Zambales Escapade

    Flee The City A Zambales Escapade

    This space was originally reserved for the Paramore concert that was supposed to happen last Sunday. In case you didnt see the notice, the band had to abruptly cancel their show in Manila due to their lead singer and frontwoman, Hayley Williams being sick and unable to perform.

    This was a major bummer because I went to Manila primarily for this concert. Although I had other side trips that I packed on this trip which made the postponement of the concert less hurtful.

    When we found out about the concert being postponed, our group decided to stay extend our stay in my new favorite coastal ...