Mapanuepe Lake

San Marcelino, Zambales

Mapanuepe Lake is a freshwater lake located in the province of Zambales in the Philippines. The lake was created after the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. Lahars following the eruption blocked the drainage of Mapanuepe River, south of the volcano, flooding Mapanuepe Valley together with its settlements. Only the steeple of the church protruding out of the water remained on one of t ...

he villages.

Mapanuepe lake is located at the confluence of Marella and Mapanuepe Rivers as the two rivers merge to become the Santo Tomas River. The subsequent rains following the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo produced lahar that dumped volcanic debris on the Marella River, one of the major drainages of the mountain, aggrading the river that eventually dammed the Mapanuepe River.

At its maximum extent, the lake grew to an area of 670 hectares and had a stored water volume of 75 x 106 cubic meters before reaching its current state. The only structure that remains is a church tower with a huge metal cross right in the middle of the lake. Prior to the 1991 eruption, studies of geologic formations and sediments of Mapanuepe Valley showed that the area was the site of a similar lahar-formed lake from old eruptions.  Wiki

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  • Beauty And Destruction San Marcelino Zambales - In Pictures

    Beauty And Destruction San Marcelino Zambales - In Pictures

    Zambales mountains are rich in minerals and their slopes are densely forested'. I think I have to correct myself on the latter. Perhaps, it was densely forested in the past, (when mining wasn't rampant in the province of Zambales) not to mention the catastrophic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 199 causing massive deforestation. Here in San Marcelino town during my adventure trips, I found beauty and destruction brought by nature and the human footprint.

  • The Loch Ness Lake In Zambales

    The Loch Ness Lake In Zambales

    Myriad stories of supernaturalism spread about this lake in Zambales. 'Mermaid' is said to be lurking in its waters as well as 'Kapre' on a tree close to the lake's shore. Deaths due to drowning were claimed to have been done by the mythical creatures. But these stories didn't prevent us from visiting Mapananepe Lake.

  • Lake Mapanuepe And The Life Created By The Mt Pinatubo Eruption

    Lake Mapanuepe And The Life Created By The Mt Pinatubo Eruption

    None could be had of vast areas of San Marcelino town in the aftermath of Mount Pinatubo's eruption in 1991, the second most devastating volcanic eruption in the 20th century.

    Lahar had flowed where rivers once breathed of life and ash left no spot uncovered for weeks, then months, then years. But an interesting thing also happened ??" an entire village in of this town in Zambales became submerged in water.

    Sitio Buhawen in Barangay Pili used to be a thriving community of miners involved in chromite extraction at the foot of Mt. Pinatubo.

    The land was pressed between two natural water ...

  • Juanderlust Mapanuepe Lake Travelogue

    #Juanderlust Top 10 Contender Ingrid Nieto takes you to the sights and sounds of Mapanuepe Lake in San Marcelino, Zambales.

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    PCMI's registered owner is Juvencio Dizon, one of the major stockholders of Dizon Copper Silver Mines Inc (DCSMI), DCSMI was responsible for the mining of the Dizon Mines in San Marcelino, Zambales. Dizon Mines carved out chunks of the Zambales Mt Range causing ...