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  • Declare Scarborough Shoal as rocks not island

    The Philippine government should ask the United Nations to declare Scarborough Shoal as rocks and not an island, in order not to lose major part of its entire exclusive economic zone in the South China Sea, in case it loses to China which has virtually occupied the contested shoal with three ships, for the past seven months, an investigative news arm said.

    This is one good option because China has already occupied Scarborough Shoal, and the Philippines has almost given it up since June, as attested to by several Philippine authorities, Vera Files said.

    "(After a standoff between Philippi ...

  • Zambales townsfolk protest fishcages in marine reserve

    Local residents have finally united to protest the mushrooming of fishcages in the Oyon Bay declared by former President Fidel Ramos as a marine reservation.

    Fishcages now cover 12,400 square meters of the bay. But residents learned that more structures will be built.

    Leaders of the Atoc Marketing Cooperative (AMC) said multisectoral groups in this town are joining hands in a protest motorcade and march tomorrow to demand the dismantling of the existing fishcages built since 1997, despite Proclamation No. 281, which Ramos issued in 1993, declaring coastal areas and islands within Masinlo ...

  • Philippines fears massive tailings dam collapsein in San Marcelino Zambales Dizon Copper Silver Mines

    Residents and local government officials in this Central Luzon town fear the collapse of an abandoned mine's tailings dam that may swamp a surrounding lake and river with mineral waste and flood nearby towns, despite assurances of stability from mining company officials.

    Locals, mostly Aeta tribesmen, said they hope the Dizon Copper-Silver Mines Inc. (DCSMI), which maintained copper-silver-gold mining operations in the area for 17 years until 1997, will repair two collapsed spillways in the huge dam in San Marcelino in Zambales Province.

    The spillways are exit points for water held bac ...