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  • Zambales 2.0 Potipot Island And Nagsasa Cove

    Third weekend gateway with friends this 2017 in Potipot Island and Nagsasa Cove Zambales, Philippines.

  • Potipot Island Better The Second Time Around

    As it turned out we would spend only one night at Cabo Beach and ended up driving to Zambales one day earlier than planned. We reached our home for the night – Dawal Beach Resort in Uacon, Candelaria town – late in the afternoon. Viewed from the beach just at the back of the resort, Potipot Island looked like a mere stone's throw away.

    The following morning three of our friends and us boarded a small motorized outrigger boat for the island. The ride took about 7 minutes and we were soon greeted by clear turquoise waters surrounding a white sand beach. After paying the entrance fees we w ...

  • Potipot Island Zambales Philippines 2016

    Potipot Island getaway with my friends located in Candelaria, Zambales.

  • Potipot Island A Philippine Paradise Near Manila

    Located in the province of Zambales more specifically in Uacon, Candelaria there is this little island called Potipot that serves as a perfect get away from the buzz of the city. It is easily reachable from the mainland via a small boat or I bet you can actually make the swim (please don't try it, it's a joke). But seriously, the island it's so near you kind of get excited once you reach the jump off area where the boat is located, that you just want to give it a try!

    WHY TO GO?

    What we really appreciate of this travels is the chance to have a nice rest and breathe some fresh air, the hu ...

  • Aerial View Of Potipot Island In Zambales Philippines

    A paradise island a few hours from Manila, Potipot Island located in Candelaria, Zambales, Philippines.

  • Potipot Island Throwback When I Was A Once A Year Vacationer

    I can say I was normal, a few years ago. Haha!

    I was like, the majority of us, who think that to live a satisfactory life, one must kill himself with work, and if ever he needs a break like a vacation, well he can do that just once a year.

    Yes. Once a year. You read it right. It's clearly way different from what I am right now who tries to explore new places for like once or twice a month.

    But I had to be honest, that was me. That was my life. I focused too much on work, thinking that money and material things are the only way to go. Then if I need to travel, I just have to wait for m ...