Camara Island

San Antonio, Zambales

Camara Island is located in San Antonio, Zambales. It is one of the three small islands that can be seen from the shores of Pundaquit Beach. This island appears like a giant rock in the middle of the sea that has huge rock formation.

Camara Island News

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  • Capones And Camara Islands-Zambales Island Hopping

    Capones And Camara Islands-Zambales Island Hopping

    Camara Island

    Just 15-20 minutes away from Pundaquit, Camara Island is a good first beach stop in Zambales. It's perfect for a quick dip and a few photo ops. I can't imagine staying here long due to the lack of shade and non existent facilities (no cr, no tables, no chairs). Most people would pick Capones over Camara but since the beach in Capones has started charging a relatively expensive entrance fee, I can imagine Camara gaining a bit of popularity. Entrance is free, but the only way to reach this island is via boat and that you will have to pay for.

    Boat Rates to Camara Island

    If ...

  • Summer Afternoon In Camara Island

    Summer Afternoon In Camara Island

    People who visit Pundaquit Island in San Antonio, Zambales are usually up for a camping either in Anawangin or Nagsasa Cove. For their island hopping, they will go to Capones Island and just pass by at the Camara Island. For our trip last week in Zambales, we decided to do it differently and so we just spent almost a whole day in Camara Island. And you know what? We enjoyed it so much. We moved around the island for some picture-taking and then stayed at the perfect spot on the beach fronting the grand view of Zambales Mountain Range.

    Most of the time, it felt like we have the whole beach j ...

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    Capones | Camara | Silanguin | Talisayen | Nagsasa | Anawangin | Pundaquit.

  • From Summit To Sea Mt Cinco Picos Silanguin Cove And Camara Island

    From Summit To Sea Mt Cinco Picos Silanguin Cove And Camara Island

    Hi everyone! My friends and I just recently got back from our trip to San Antonio, Zambales to climb Mt. Cinco Picos, my 46th mountain, and chill at the beach below it in Silanguin Cove with a side trip to Camara Island and Pundaquit Beach. Yup, we pretty much visited a lot of places and it felt like such a long and relaxing vacation even though we were only there for two days and one night.

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    Difficulty: 3/9, Major Climb

    Trek to Summit: 4 hours

    Even though we only climbed one mountain in Cawag, I still had so ...