Botolan News

  • Cordillera News Agency Holds Culture Sensitivity Seminar

    For A deeper understanding of culture, the Cordillera News Agency in tandem with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts conducted the first "Luzon Cultural Sensitivity Training."

    The training aims to put into proper perspective how indigenous peoples groups (IPs) should be reported on, the manner of reporting which highlights the role of arts, culture and heritage in the entire island cluster of Luzon.

    The training gathers over 100 media practitioners, bloggers, educators and information officers for a 2-day training held on Monday, July 3, and Tuesday, July 4, to craft the fi ...

  • First Aeta UP Grad Vows To Serve Pinatubo Tribes

    First Aeta UP Grad Vows To Serve Pinatubo Tribes

    It's not too difficult to find Norman King in Barangay Macapagal, a settlement put up by former first lady Imelda Marcos on a hill at the northern side of this former United States military base-turned-economic zone.

    Pointing to the King family home, an "unat" (lowlander) running a tricycle repair shop nearby described King as "the 'kulot' (Aeta) who recently graduated from UP (the University of the Philippines)."

    It's a distinction that the Aeta community around Mt. Pinatubo wears with pride. No other Aeta has been known to have graduated from the state university before King, who obtai ...

  • Tribe Treks Tour In Zambales

    To Celebrate Charisse's Birthday, we joined MAD Travel's Tribe and Treks Tour and help plant a 3000-hectare rainforest to support the local Aetas' sustainability.

    Learned a lot this weekend, how the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo is still affecting the lives of the people around Zambales and how helping plant trees can at least reverse some of its effects.

    It was a totally fun (and tiring) weekend adventure. We got to ride on a Carabao and met a lot of new like minded individuals too!

  • Pagputok Ng Mt Pinatubo Pinsala Noon Biyaya Ngayon

    Pagputok Ng Mt Pinatubo Pinsala Noon Biyaya Ngayon

    Para sa mga residente, delubyo kung ituring ang pagputok ng Bulkang Pinatubo noong 1991. Ngunit ngayon, pinagkukunan na nila ito ng biyaya.

    Ayon sa National Geophysical Data Center, umabot sa 350 ang mga namatay sa pagsabog ng Bulkang Pinatubo noong June 15, 1991, eksaktong 26 na taon na ang nakakaraan.

    Umabot naman sa 722 ang kabuuang bilang ng mga namatay dahil sa pananalasa ng bulkan. Marami sa mga biktima ay nagkasakit sa mga evacuation center, hanggang sa tuluyang mamatay.

    Libo-libo rin ang nawalan ng tirahan sa itinuturing na ikalawang pinakamalaking pagsabog ng bulkan noong 20t ...

  • Summer Getaway Mt Pinatubo Adventure Philippines 2017

    Mount Pinatubo is an active stratovolcanic caldera in the Zambales Mountains, located on the tripoint boundary of the Philippine provinces of Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga, all in Central Luzon on the northern island of Luzon

    The world's largest volcanic eruption to happen in the past 100 years was June 15, 1991, eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines.

  • Pursuing Pinatubo

    Pursuing Pinatubo

    A good friend listens to your adventures. A best friend makes them with you.

    Those who want to do a Pinatubo dayhike via Sta. Juliana, Capas, be prepared. Prepared for the adrenaline and exhausting 4x4 vehicle ride, prepare for countless river crossing, and lastly, be prepare to the high cost of fees and everything they sold and offer there. The P 700.00 fees collected in the Botolan area is too high, the cold soda sold in the crater cost was also too much. A 500 ml soda cost P 100.00. Yes, I am serious. Even the shower fee was high compared to the usual P 20.00 they collect from other moun ...