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  • The Guardian Of Bud Bongao

    The Guardian Of Bud Bongao

    Bud Bongao is a treasure trove of biodiversity and one of the last moist forests in the Sulu Archipelago. It is among the landmarks of Tawi-Tawi and renowned as a sacred mountain by locals and visitors alike.

    One of its local residents is 60-year old Mr. Rudy Hamja, whom everyone calls Imam Rudy. Imam Rudy has been climbing Bud Bongao almost every day over the last three years. He hikes up the mountain every day except Friday, ascending for 30 minutes and descending in as little as 15 minutes ??" twice as fast as a regular pilgrim.

    All this climbing has made Imam Rudy physically fit ??" ...

  • Omapuy Island Tawi-Tawi PH

    Omapuy Island Tawi-Tawi PH

    The happiness of travelling relies on the individual meaning we attach to it. To some, it means indulging on a lavish and comfortable trip on well-known tourist attractions; to others, it is about taking a tightwad method if you're on a shoestring account; while a small number would opt to spend a few of their bucks to set foot on off-beaten destinations. Well, it really doesn't matter, so long as you take pleasure in the journey and what the destination has to offer you.

    Exploring the road-less travelled has satiated my sense of curiosity for the past years. The Philippines being an archip ...

  • What You Need To Know About Sibutu Tawi-Tawi

    What You Need To Know About Sibutu Tawi-Tawi

    Are you looking for a quiet place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city? If you are, you'll definitely want to visit Sibutu, Tawi-Tawi. It might not be as popular as the well-known tourist spots in the Philippines (such as Boracay, Baguio, and El Nido), but it offers a calm and peaceful ambiance for those with weary hearts and stressed-out minds.

    Where is Sibutu located?

    Sibutu is a municipality that belongs to the Tawi-Tawi province. It covers five islands: the main island, which is also called Sibutu, and four smaller islands which are called Siculan Island, Siculan Ca ...