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  • Tawi-tawi Hosts 1st Intl Conference On Sama Badjao

    Tawi-tawi Hosts 1st Intl Conference On Sama Badjao

    The Sama Studies Center of the Mindanao State University (MSU) in Tawi-tawi is hosting the 1st International Conference on the Sama Badjao (Sama Dilaut) at the university's Marine Science Museum next month.

    The theme of the December 1 to 3 conference is "Sea-bound and Cross-Borders: Maritime Commerce and Sea-faring Lifeways of the Sama Dilaut in Tawi-Tawi."

    The conference aims to strengthen research and encourage academic interest on the plight and situation of the Sama Dilaut "by highlighting their roles in the social and cultural development of the Sama society, their contributions to ...

  • Panampangan Island Tawi-Tawi

    Make this summer vacation a "summer to remember".. how about a trip to the southernmost part of the Philippines.. Tawi-Tawi!

    Powdery-white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and most of all peace-loving people who are very welcoming awaits you there!

    Panampangan Island is just one of the 307 islands you can explore.


  • Saluag Island

    Saluag Island

    At the extreme end of the Sulu Archipelago lies an island so simple and quiet it will deliver anyone into a state of instant tranquility. Get ready to be pampered by the sight of hovering sea eagles, soft waves, and the soaring coconut trees which all utterly complement the bright sunny sky.

    Saluag, the southernmost island of the Philippines, is home to two indigenous tribes: Tausug and Sama Dilaut, who live together in perfect harmony with the sea. Their main livelihood includes fishing, boat making and seaweed farming.

    In a place where time seems to stand still, a busy and stressful da ...