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  • Discovering Tawi Tawi

    Tawi-Tawi, an island province in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), can easily transport one to a whole other world. Lying at the southwestern tip of the Philippines, accessible in only a matter of hours from Sabah in Malaysia, Tawi-Tawi is a province to visit for its natural zoos and a world all its own.

    "Tawi-Tawi's main attractions are its pristine natural beauty, the variety of seafoods and the smiles of the people. We are a thriving community of Muslims, the Sama tribes that live on the land and the sea, the Badjaos and Tausug, all of whom live in harmony," Ruby Sahali, r ...

  • Tawi-Tawi Turtle Islands In The Philippines

    Tawi-Tawi Turtle Islands In The Philippines

    South of the island Palawan there is a group of seven small islands, which is known as "the Turtle Islands". Locally the islands are known as the "Tawi-Tawi islands". The total land surface of the Turtle Islands is no more than 318 hectares. The Turtle Islands,

    together with three islands of neighbour country Malaysia and the surrounding coral waters, are the only living area of the Green Sea Turtles in Asia and in the whole world. Since 1996 the islands are declared Protected Area, the only way to guarantee the existence of the green sea turtles and their nesting sites.

    Protection, h ...

  • Bill To Declare Tawi Tawi Island As Turtle Sanctuary Backed

    Community efforts to curb poaching of endangered sea turtles in Tawi-Tawi are gaining headway, backed by local Moro folks now clamoring for the immediate enactment of a bill seeking the declaration of an island in the province as protected turtle sanctuary.

    Tawi-Tawi Rep. Ruby Sahali, in a statement, said members of the provincial maritime police unit released to the sea last weekend another set of more than a dozen sea turtles found in a boat abandoned by heavily-armed poachers after a firefight with pursuing lawmen last November 3 some five nautical miles off the neighboring Sipangkot and ...

  • New Conservation Areas In The Philippines Project

    New Conservation Areas In The Philippines Project

    A group of islands, is found in the southwestern tip of the Philippines. It lies along the equatorial zone. It is composed of 307 islands and islets, 88 of these are characterized by having extensive fringing reefs.

    The total land area of Tawi Tawi is 114.9 square kilometers with terrain ranging from level to steep. (WWF-Philippines) Tawi-tawi Island in the Sulu Archipelago is an Important Biodiversity Area (IBA) and one of the 117 Endemic Bird Areas (EBA) in the Philippines.

    Its largest remaining forests are on the central ridge, which rises to just over 500 meters in the eastern half ...