Bongao Island

Bongao, Tawi-Tawi

Mount Bongao Peak is located in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi. A verible monkey sanctuary in the principal town of Bongao. It also serves as the "window" to the expanse of sea and the necklace of islands for miles around. It has been identified as a Key Biodiversity Area.

Bongao Island News

  • Diving Into The Pristine Blue Waters Of Tawi-Tawi

    Diving Into The Pristine Blue Waters Of Tawi-Tawi

    My third visit to Tawi-Tawi further confirmed that it is indeed one of the most pristine and beautiful provinces in the Philippines. Its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and unique culture truly make this paradise a must-visit on any traveler's bucket list.

    Tawi-Tawi has 307 archipelagic islands, most of which are surrounded by fringing reefs. I was fortunate to have joined previous expeditions to the isolated island municipalities of Mapun, Sibutu, Sitankai and Turtle Islands, though our dives that time were far from our usual scientific working dives??"no transects, no listing of cor ...

  • Southernmost Province Of The PHL

    Southernmost Province Of The PHL

    Day One

    The first time we attempted to go to Tawi-tawi several years back was not successful. We were already in Jolo waiting for the fastcraft from Zamboanga when a sudden storm hit the city causing the cancellation of the scheduled trip. However, this time we took the plane as the fast craft plying the waters of Jolo, Tawi-tawi and Malaysia had been suspended for sometime already. What caught us by surprise was that the plane going to Tawi-tawi was not just the propeller type but an Airbus. In fact the plane was almost full of passengers.

    We were met in Bongao by Fr. Ely, the parish ...

  • Touristy Tawi Tawi

    Touristy Tawi Tawi

    Unknown to many who balk at visiting Mindanao, this southern province offers other-worldly delights.

    One of my favorite beach and cultural destinations in Mindanao is Tawi-Tawi with its unspoiled waters, white beaches, caves, mountain vistas and rich culture. Tawi-Tawi Rep. Ruby Sahali is keen on promoting the province's natural attractions and culture while addressing environmental concerns.

    She is making a bid to have Turtle Islands, a remote municipality of seven islands, declared a wildlife sanctuary. Sahali authored a bill to provide measures in which tourists can still enjoy the s ...

  • 5 places to see in breathtaking Tawi Tawi

    5 places to see in breathtaking Tawi Tawi

    Note: Parts of Mindanao are conflict areas and are included in some countries' travel advisories due to security concerns posed by rebel groups and kidnapping incidents.

    Are you dreaming of an adventure in the southernmost part of the Philippines Let me take you through this visual tour to the province of Tawi-Tawi. Parts of Mindanao are known as conflict areas, but the province itself is home to some of the most beautiful peace-seeking and friendly people in the country. (READ: 9 spectacular places to visit in Mindanao)

    With this, the province has always kept its beauty intact.

    Let's ...

  • Safe Places and Destinations to Visit in Mindanao

    Safe Places and Destinations to Visit in Mindanao

    This may sound a little absurd as this article might ring the confirmation that Mindanao is a dangerous place to visit. But I am only writing this article just to give emphasis on the beautiful places that we have visited and have been tested to be tourist friendly to both local and foreign visitors. Stereotyping is really out of the question!

    We know that there are other beautiful places worth visiting like the Latin City of Zamboanga, the Asik Asik Waterfalls of Alamada, North Cotabato, and The Grand Mosque of Cotabato City, but as of now, the security and readiness can't still be 100% as ...

  • ARMM looks to peace with tourism buildup

    ARMM looks to peace with tourism buildup

    The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) is forging ahead with plans to develop its natural attractions for tourists despite the uncertainty surrounding the political arrangements under Bangsamoro.

    Based on the data from the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA), the region submitted three new projects to the agency for funding this year on top of the 14 projects that were submitted to the Tourism Industry and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) last year.

    This year's proposals, with an estimated cost of at least P41 million, are all in the island province of Tawi-tawi.

    These in ...