Agal-agal or Seaweeds Festival

Bongao, Tawi-Tawi

Tawi-Tawi, the Seaweeds Capital of the Philippines and Carrageenan Capital of the World, celebrates the Agal-Agal (Seaweeds) Festival every 25th of September. This is a cultural extravaganza showcasing the rich history and culture of the Sama, Badjao, Jama Mapun and Tausug of southern Philippines through a colourful street dancing and parade of floats all using the Badjao LEPA or houseboat as the ...

main structural design. Participants from the 11 municipalities of Tawi-Tawi dance the traditional dances Tawi-Tawi and Sulu like the pangalay, kuntao, silat, Igal to the accompaniment of native musical instruments and percussions like kulingtangan, agong and gandang. Dancers would be in their colourful native attires adorned with seaweeds and other marine products. This festival is the highlight of the several days of festivities coinciding with the Kamahardikaan Tawi-Tawi, the Founding Anniversary of this Province.

Agal-agal or Seaweeds Festival News

  • Agal-Agal Festival A Vibrant Celebration Of Tawi-Tawis Culture

    Agal-Agal Festival A Vibrant Celebration Of Tawi-Tawis Culture

    As I stood on the deck of BRP Capones, a spanking new Japanese-made Parola-class patrol vessel of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) where we hitched a ride going to Tawi-Tawi, I quickly surveyed my surroundings. I saw the sacred mountain Bud Bongaw ording it over a picturesque landscape and covered by the morning mist, yet I was still able to spot the silhouette of the town's Mosque and the outlines of a modest village with fishing boat and passenger ferries that are starting to stir with the day's activities. And then it dawn ed on me, I finally reached the southernmost province of the countr ...

  • Tawi-Tawi Series, Kamahardikaan Tawi-Tawi Agal-Agal Festival

    Tawi-Tawi Series, Kamahardikaan Tawi-Tawi Agal-Agal Festival

    Every September, Tawi-Tawi celebrates Kamahardikaan, its anniversary as a province. Held on the same week is Agal-Agal Festival, which highlights the province's top product, agal-agal, the local word for seaweed. On its 44th year, the municipality of Languyan played host, about an hour away by speedboat from Bongao, the provincial capital. This being my first visit to Tawi-Tawi, I was very excited and didn't mind the arduous travel to get here, about 15 hours of air, land and sea travel from Manila!

  • Bongao Tawi-Tawis Old World Charm

    Bongao Tawi-Tawis Old World Charm

    Bongao is the capital town of the island province of Tawi-Tawi in the southernmost part of the Philippines. It's famous for its sacred mountain, Bud Bongao.

  • Agal-Agal Festival 2017 Kamahardikaan Sin Tawi-Tawi

    Agal-Agal Festival 2017 Kamahardikaan Sin Tawi-Tawi

    To say that fiestas happen in the Philippines everyday & everywhere is not a hyperbolic claim. In fact, even in the southernmost reaches of the country in Tawi-Tawi, there is a celebration called Agal-Agal Festival. And truly, it is some fete you must witness at least once in your life.

  • Tawi-tawis Agal-agal Festival

    Tawi-tawis Agal-agal Festival

    The Province of Tawi-Tawi is considered as the biggest producer of Seaweed Powder in the country. Because of its significance to the livelihood of the people and the economy of the Province, one grand celebration is made every year as tribute to its great value. This is the Agal-agal Festival which is said to be the only Seaweed Festival in the country. It is derived from the word Agal-Agal which is the local term for seaweed in the Sulu Archipelago.

    The staging of AGAL-AGAL FESTIVAL coincides with the Kamahardikaan Sin Tawi-Tawi or the Founding Anniversary of the Province which happens eve ...

  • Showcasing Tawi-Tawi

    Showcasing Tawi-Tawi

    Tawi-tawis people and culture are one grand showcase. It is something we, as a nation, should take pride of.

    The island province of Tawi-tawi, the southernmost frontier of the Philippines, is best visited in September, the month when its people celebrate the Agal-Agal Festival and Kamahardikaan Sin Tawi-tawi or its founding anniversary celebration.

    This year, the provincial government of Tawi-tawi, Department of Tourism Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (DOT-Armm) upped the ante in celebrating the provinces annual festival in a bid to make Tawi-Tawi an ecotourism hub.

    The celebrat ...