Ubod Falls

San Clemente, Tarlac

The 40 meter high Ubod Falls are located on a river flowing from the mountains around Mount Damas in San Clemente, Tarlac. Mt. Damas may arguably have the distinction of being the most scenic mountain in Tarlac. One of the more exciting highlights, aside from the captivating sunrise amid the morning clouds is the 2 and a half hour descent to Ubod falls.

Ubod Falls News

  • First Major Hike Mount Damas

    First Major Hike Mount Damas

    My first hike of the year! It's in Brgy. Papaac, Camiling, Tarlac together with Monxter Outdoor. Mt. Damas stood at 685 masl and had a difficulty level of 6/9.

    I wasn't that ready for this hike, to be honest. And then I didn't even research about this mountain. Who would've thought that at 600+ meters, it'd be considered a major hike? Yes, you heard it right. This was my first major hike and I WAS NOT PREPARED for it. There went my hope to have an easy and relaxing hike.

    So what went on during the hike?

    First, it was easy. Yeah, yeah. The trail was calm and peaceful. I still got to la ...

  • The Hike To Mt Damas And Side Trip To Ubod Falls

    The Hike To Mt Damas And Side Trip To Ubod Falls

    Hi everyone! Last November 19-20, I went with three of my friends to an overnight hike to Mt. Damas, my 43rd mountain, in San Clemente/Camiling, Tarlac. While this can be done as a day hike, we decided to camp to do stargazing and city light watching.

    Mountain Stats:
    Location: San Clemente/Camiling, Tarlac
    Elevation: 685+ MASL
    Difficulty: 6/9 (Major Climb)
    Trek to Summit: 6 hours

    There are two possible jump-off points going to Mt. Damas, one from Dueg (ideal for those with a private vehicle) and from Papaac. It is said that between the two, the trail from Papaac is longer and more di ...

  • A Small But Terrible Mount Damas

    A Small But Terrible Mount Damas

    Until now, Mount Damas is still in debate if it's really a minor or a major climb. Others would say it's minor because of its elevation and others would say its a major one because of its trail type and technicalities. During our ascent, the entire journey was composed of an assault and river crossing. This mountain is also the home of eatas who protect the forest from illegal activities.

    The Trail | The first part is walking on a simple but an uphill trail where the terrain is covered with trees, grass and shrubs on the sides. Next part is a major assault and then a steep descent to the ri ...

  • A Dayhike To Mount Damas And Ubod Falls

    A Dayhike to Mount Damas and Ubod Falls located in the municipality of San Clemente, Tarlac, Philippines.

  • Mount Damas Traverse Dayhike

    Traverse from Dueg, San Clemente, Tarlac to Papaac, Camiling, Tarlac + Ubod Falls with Sir Joseph, Sir Robin, Ma'm Aiko, & Sir Mark. A super shaky video compilation. Watch in HD lol

  • Stop Over In Camiling Town Of Tarlac

    Stop Over In Camiling Town Of Tarlac

    Municipality of Camiling, Tarlac, Philippines

    Note: This is a part of my June 5 ??" 6, 2016 Alaminos City-Bolinao-Camiling Tour which includes: Hundred Islands, Saint Joseph Cathedral Parish Church, Alaminos City Hall and Colegio San Jose de Alaminos, Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, Patar Beach, Giant Taklobo Resto Grill and Resort Cottages.

    Camiling is a first-class urban municipality of the province of Tarlac in the Philippines. Camiling is one of the fastest-growing towns of Tarlac when it comes to income and economy. It is also considered as the richest when it comes to cultural heritage in ...