Tarlac Belenismo Festival

Tarlac City, Tarlac

Tarlac Belenismo Festival is located in Tarlac City, Tarlac. A Belen is the Nativity scene where Jesus is born in a manger with Mary and Joseph watching over Him. The three kings with their gifts, animals, shepherds and the illuminating great star completes the scene. It is the most significant memento of Christmas for it reminds us that the occasion is about Christ. This festival is celebrated ev ...


Tarlac Belenismo Festival News

  • Belenismo Lights Up Tarlac

    Belenismo Lights Up Tarlac

    For two months, a municipal officer and volunteers created life-size papier-machE figures of the Holy Family that would be displayed in a Nativity tableau at the plaza of Concepcion town in Tarlac province.

    When the diorama finally unfolded on Nov. 5, it showed Joseph leading a carabao that was pulling a sled carrying Mary and baby Jesus.

    "Our "belen" (Nativity scene) reflects the history and tradition of our town," said Medic Mercado, assistant tourism officer of Concepcion. "It shows the migration of Kapampangans from neighboring Pampanga [province] who brought along their carabaos."

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    9 Christmas Traditions Across The Philippines You Need To Experience

    Christmas is just around the corner, and what better place to celebrate the holidays than in our own country? The Philippines celebrates the Christmas season unlike any other. Across the country, Filipinos uphold various Christmas traditions that are nothing short of phenomenal. From parades to performances like the interpretation of the Nativity, these traditions truly showcase the Filipino culture through their love of Christmas and creativity.

  • Tarlac Lights Up With Beautiful Belens

    Tarlac Lights Up With Beautiful Belens

    The Christmas vibe is really in the air!

    In my home province, Tarlac, it has become an annual tradition to put up Belens in different spots in the province in a friendly competition called Belenismo sa Tarlac.

  • A Decade Of Belenismo Sa Tarlac

    A Decade Of Belenismo Sa Tarlac

    Each November for the past 10 years, the province of Tarlac ushers in what is called "the longest Christmas in the world" Pinoy Christmas, that is, with its own brand of grand spectacle called Belenismo sa Tarlac. Belenismo, or the art of making a belen, is a province-wide community undertaking of Tarlaquenos that has earned the province the title "Belen-making capital of the Philippines."

    Traditions of old bayanihan or communal unity, Pinoy creativity, ingenuity and resourcefulness, and the Filipinos innate love for all things celebratory, is evident in the assemblage of masterfully crafte ...

  • Belenismo Sa Tarlac 2017 Picks Winners In All Five Categories

    Belenismo Sa Tarlac 2017 Picks Winners In All Five Categories

    A unique Holland Windmills scene in the Municipality of Capas; a 20-foot Spanish fan with colorful flowers by Fr. Cris Lozano of St. Francis of Assisi Parish; a magnificent Belen brought to life through robotics at SM City Tarlac; an artistic nativity made up of walis tambo, bamboo and bulu at McDonalds Motorway; a parochial tribute by Fr. Noel Paguinto of St. Joseph Parish; a Belen housed in a caromata by Fr. John Ovivir of Sto. Cristo Parish; and an enchanting nativity scene made up of paper plates, plastic cups styro lunch boxes; were declared the grand winners in this years holding of the ...

  • Belenismo Lights Up Tarlac

    Belenismo Lights Up Tarlac

    The province of Tarlac has lit up with the festive lights of 44 belens taking part in this year's Belen-making competition.

    Belenismo sa Tarlac 2017 was formally opened at at Camp General Sevillano Aquino on MacArthur Highway in San Miguel, Tarlac City on November 6.

    On display at the military camp is a special belen built by the Philippine Army's 7th Infantry Division and Mechanized Infantry Division and the Philippine National Police's Police Regional Office 3.

    Made of recycled material old wooden platforms, used lights, discarded tarpaulins, leftover sequins, paint, Styrofoam, plyw ...