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  • Abeling Tribe Outreach And Mount Tangisan Side Trip Climb

    Abeling Tribe Outreach And Mount Tangisan Side Trip Climb

    The mountaineering group that I belong did a lot of adventures, trips and climbs. Some were in abroad but mostly were within our beloved country. This group gave me a chance to see a lot of places, unforgettable and unique experiences.

    Another type of adventure that the group involved with are doing outreach activity mostly to remote places. The group does it regularly, at least twice a year for the past recent years, which gives us a chance to give back something to community.

    One of the outreach activity that I got a chance to join was the event held last June 30 ??" July 1 2012. The g ...

  • Biyaheng Pinas Monasterio De Tarlac

    A preview clip, trip to the Philippines and our first stop in Monasterio De Tarlac located in San Jose, Tarlac.

  • Ripping Through The Tarlac Recreational Park

    Ripping Through The Tarlac Recreational Park

    My ATV rumbled through the arid dirt track of the Tarlac Recreational Park. I sped past a dune buggy; my hands shaking wildly as the ATV bounced through a rough patch of the road. The sun was gloriously shining above, the wind whipping through my whole body, my camera dangling just below my neck; the only thing missing was an AC/DC song blasting through as soundtrack and everything would've been rock n' roll perfect.

    The change from absolute calm to supreme mayhem couldn't be more jarring.

    Our group from Microtel Luisita's Tara Quin Tarlac Tour has just visited the hilltop sanctuary of M ...

  • Tarlac Recreational Park I San Jose Tarlac Philippines

    From a barren rocky terrain sprawled a 78 hectares sports and tarlac recreational park named after the late Congressman Jose V. Yap. It was his vision to have an international standard sports facility but the design of the complex was the brainchild of Gov. Victor A. Yap.

    After several months of intensed labor, the realization of the dream became the site of the two big sporting events, the Central Luzon Regional Athletic Meet ( CLRAA) in 2009 and the much-talked about successful hosting of the Palarong Pambansa 2010.

    The Tarlac Recreational Park and Sports Complex has a track oval of in ...

  • What To Do In Tarlac Province

    What To Do In Tarlac Province

    A lot of travelers, myself included, dismiss Tarlac Province as simply a transit stop for those long trips headed north. Yet on our trip organized by our friends from Tarlac Convention and Visitors Bureau and Microtel Philippines, we realized there's a whole lot more to do in the province than mere toilet breaks. Check out everything we did for two days.

    Aquino Center And Museum

    The advice I'd give to visitors when visiting the Aquino Center and Museum is to set aside politics and biases, and come with an open mind. The privately funded center pays homage to statesman Ninoy Aquino and hi ...

  • Monasterio De Tarlac

    Monasterio De Tarlac

    Last Easter Sunday, we decided that we wanted to hear mass at Monasterio de Tarlac. We thought the mass would be around 8 am, so we left the house early. When we got there, we thought that the mass was already over. But it was actually scheduled around 10:30 am. So while waiting, we roamed around the place and had our pictures taken at the Risen Christ. It's like the one in Rio de Janeiro, but ours is probably a lot smaller. I won't put too much captions. I'll just let the photos speak for themselves. Photo spam ahead.

    I love seeing greenery every time we travel. And if you could only see h ...