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  • Canding River And Waterfall Calming Birds Singing

    Canding River And Waterfall Calming Birds Singing

    Canding waterfall is another natural attraction in the province of Tarlac, situated in Brgy. Maasin town of San Clemente. The place is perfect for trekking adventure and swimming.

    And if you are looking for an outrageous fun, try to catch some eel, because this is an ideal fishing ground for them.

    Going to the waterfall is quite challenging, you need to traversed the calm Canding river through the huge bolder of rock, bushes, and towering trees. The only sound you hear is the whisper of the wind to the tree, and birds singing. Truly, the place is calming.

    The water is clear and cooled ...

  • Mount Damas Traverse

    Mount Damas Traverse

    Located in the bordering towns of Mayantoc, Camiling and San Clemente in Tarlac province, Mt. Damas stands at only 2250 ft. above sea level but has gained notoriety as "small but terrible mountain".

    Is not as high compared to other major mountains but the trail that leads to the summit offers a great challenge to hikers due to it's steepness which is comprised of full assault and cardiac trails on an open grassland ridges thus earning the right to be classified as a major hike.

    Ironically, the jump off point in Dueg resettlement area has almost the same elevation as Mt. Damas, thus maki ...

  • Hiking In Timmanguyob Falls

    Hiking In Timmanguyob Falls

    Timmanguyob Falls (Timangguyob Falls) hiking in San Clemente Tarlac was the farthest and most daring experience we've ever had. It is located in Sitio Dueg Barangay Maasin. It was an 11 km hike through shrubs and grassy trail; slippery too during rainy season or when it rains like the day when we did our hiking. There were steep slopes where no trees to hold on to due to kaingin (clearing).

    We were ten in the group and our means of transportation were motorcycles. We were like "riding in tandems" in convoy that day taking the road to Dueg on a rough road only a four by four wheel could easi ...

  • Playing Tourist At Canding River Camiling Tarlac

    Playing Tourist At Canding River Camiling Tarlac

    It was summer when we visited our friend in Camiling Tarlac. We got bored and asked kuya Willie if there's a river where we can swim and have picnic there. He said he heard about Canding River before but not sure of its location. His cousin heard our conversation and exclaimed "I know about Canding River." We looked at him and asked different questions at the same time!

    We found out that the Canding River is located in a nearby town of San Clemente in Barangay of Maasin. The planned swimming spread immediately and almost all the neighborhood wanted to join the fun. We rented a jeepney ...

  • A Dayhike To Mount Damas And Ubod Falls

    A Dayhike to Mount Damas and Ubod Falls located in the municipality of San Clemente, Tarlac, Philippines.

  • Mount Damas Traverse Dayhike

    Traverse from Dueg, San Clemente, Tarlac to Papaac, Camiling, Tarlac + Ubod Falls with Sir Joseph, Sir Robin, Ma'm Aiko, & Sir Mark. A super shaky video compilation. Watch in HD lol