Monasterio de Tarlac

San Jose, Tarlac

Monasterio de Tarlac is a popular tourist destination in the province of Tarlac in the Philippines. It is a monastery on top of Mount Resurrection, part of the Zambales Mountain Range in San Jose, one of the municipalites in Tarlac. In the monastery can be found a relic of the True Cross. Monasterio de Tarlac is located at the Mount Resurrection Eco Park in the barangay of Lubigan.

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  • Monasterio De Tarlac Of San Jose Tarlac

    Monasterio De Tarlac Of San Jose Tarlac

    The Monasterio de Tarlac is a well-known tourist destination in the province of Tarlac in the Philippines. The monastery is located at the 278-hectare Tarlac Ecotourism Park in Brgy. Lubigan, San Jose. It is run by the Servants of the Risen Christ Monastic Community.

    Construction of Monasterio de Tarlac started at the end of 2000. The monastery holds a relic of the Holy Cross and is the only one known to possess such in Asia. In 2005, the relic came to the monastery and was enshrined beneath the chapel's altar in January 30, 2007. The said relic is believed to be part of the cross discovere ...

  • Biyaheng Pinas Monasterio De Tarlac

    A preview clip, trip to the Philippines and our first stop in Monasterio De Tarlac located in San Jose, Tarlac.

  • Mount Tangisan-Hike After The Forest Fire

    Mount Tangisan-Hike After The Forest Fire

    As I only had barely two days left to use my Birthday Leave (we are only allowed to use it during our birth month), it was my first time in a long while to again climb solo, and on a weekday at that.

    At first, I could barely decide where to go until a brilliant idea pique my interest and which eventually made me decide to visit some friends in my province. As such, I found myself driving towards the NLEX while eagerly anticipating the climb up Mt. Tangisan.

    For starters, Mt. Tangisan is one of the mountains located in Western Tarlac (particularly in the town of San Jose), thus the popula ...

  • Monasterio De Tarlac

    Monasterio De Tarlac

    My underpaid friend writer this is how she describes her occupation says it right. Tarlac is known for being the bailiwick of the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos. And unknown to many, this province has a number of churches worthy of your visit. I, together with this friend writer, toured Tarlac for a day, chronicled each trip to Tarlac's select places of worship, and took a few interesting shots.

    Two of husband's friends, Maui and Arvin, made our Visita Iglesia more exciting, fun, and easier. Though equipped with a travel map, still, without the two boys, I am very certain that we might have bee ...

  • Monasterio De Tarlac Adventure

    Monasterio De Tarlac Adventure

    Hi everyone! 2015 will be over in less than 24 hrs and it's so insane how time goes by. This year is good to me even there are ups and downs which are normal in life. This is also my last post in 2015, probably the last post that I will write here in the Philippines for now. In two days time, I will be flying to Abu Dhabi which is kinda exciting but sad because I will miss my family. There are a lot of things to let go for now and move forward for a good future. So before I step forward, I visited Monasterio De Tarlac to pray for safety, guidance and thank God for all the blessings.

    Monaste ...

  • You Wont Believe That These Stunning Photos Were Taken In Luzon

    You Wont Believe That These Stunning Photos Were Taken In Luzon

    We all have that one friend in our squad (or this could even be you!) who lugs around their DSLR camera wherever they go, whether it be to the most remote island on the planet or to the top of a buwis buhay mountain. They're also possibly the slowest walker in the group because they just HAVE to have the best pictures of absolutely EVERYTHING.

    But the extra gadget weight is worth it simply because places like Nagsasa Cove and Mt. Pico de Loro exist??"beautiful outdoor spots that deserve to be more than just a blur of pixelation in our smartphones. Just in Luzon alone, there are plenty of ot ...