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  • A Strawberry Farm In Cebu? Yes Its In Dalaguete

    A Strawberry Farm In Cebu? Yes Its In Dalaguete

    Considered as Cebu province's little Baguio City, this town has been attracting local and foreign tourists because of its relatively cooler weather, refreshing environment and an unlikely gem ??" a strawberry farm.

    Located in the mountain barangays of Maloray, Sergio's Farm affords tourists the experience of picking and enjoying fresh strawberries, a major tourist attraction in the outskirts of Baguio City in Benguet in northern Luzon.

    The three-hectare Sergio's Farm has been growing strawberries for the last three years. It is Dalaguete's first organic strawberry farm.

    "The main pur ...

  • Look Strawberry Farm In Cebu Now A Tourist Spot

    Look Strawberry Farm In Cebu Now A Tourist Spot

    A strawberry farm has become a new tourist destination in southern Cebu.

    Located in the mountainous barangay of Maloray in the town of Dalaguete, the 1.5-hectare farm has over 6,000 strawberry plants planted inside green houses.

    It was in 2014 when the Rebalde family started to plant strawberries.

    At first, it was just a test to see if strawberries could grow in their area until the plants bore fruits.

    They opened the farm to the public last January and with a P50 entrance fee, visitors can enjoy taking photos and picking strawberries.

    The farm also sells fresh-picked strawberri ...

  • Twelve Hours In Baguio

    Twelve Hours In Baguio

    It was January 2017 and I yearned to spend one day ??" even just a few hours ??" of quality time with friends and fellow travel enthusiasts in a Facebook® group chat. We planned to spend two days and a night on a beach in an island about 30 to 45 minutes from port via a sea vessel. Just as with some plans, it did not go accordingly. The volatile weather came with winds that in turn spawned fierce waves, causing motorboat operators to observe caution and stay put. We needed another plan.

    Hency Joyce Gamara had much enthusiasm in pushing for a leisurely trip to happen. On January 1, she came ...

  • Strawberry Fest Preparation On

    Strawberry Fest Preparation On

    Members of the La Trinidad Strawberry Festival Executive Committee recently convened to review possible changes and improvement of the upcoming festival plans in March next year.

    According to La Trinidad Tourism Officer Valred Olsim, the tourism council has come up with several suggestions for the one month festivity.

    "There will be a competition for a Strawberry Festival Jingle this month of January. We might select a theme song too in the future," he reiterated.

    Olsim added that a P25,000 cash prize awaits the top winner of the jingle.

    In addition, he said a mural and art con ...

  • Sweeter Strawberries From Bohol

    Sweeter Strawberries From Bohol

    Strawberries from Bohol? Yes, Bohol.

    Unknown to many, a tribe in the island-province is growing sweet and succulent strawberries in the mountain village of Taytay, 11 kilometers from the town center of Duero. Those who have tasted the berries attest that the Bohol variety is sweeter than those grown in Benguet and cheaper than those imported from the United States or Australia and sold in supermarkets in the capital city of Tagbilaran.

    The Eskaya people have been cultivating the fruit crop in at least 200 pots inside two greenhouses. The project provides income to 622 tribal members who ...

  • Tracing North Luzon Part Two

    Tracing North Luzon Part Two

    I woke up to the smell of the salty sea. Nothing can ever beat the feeling of seeing turquoise seas and smelling the breezes. It was one of the calmest mornings I ever woke up to.

    Bangui Wind Farm is located in Bangui, Ilocos Norte. It looked so picturesque that day. The golden sun colored the clear blue skies yellow and made shadows that gave every element some depth. This place has an undeniable magic. It will lure you in because everything is postcard perfect. From the enormous wind turbines to the pieces of driftwood washed off shore, everything just shouts "instagrammable".

    We arriv ...