Libuacan Cold Spring

Tagbina, Surigao del Sur

Libuacan Cold Spring is located in Barangay Maglambing, Tagbina, Surigao del Sur. It has a clean, crystal clear and cool water that came from a cave. The area is surrounded by many tall trees.

Libuacan Cold Spring News

  • Libuacan And Bao Bao Trip

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    The song is called Koop Island by Koop

  • Libuacan Tagbina and Bao-Bao Falls Lianga Weekend

    Libuacan Tagbina and Bao-Bao Falls Lianga Weekend

    So on March 4, John and I went out of town to explore the fresh waters of Surigao del Sur. Butuan's weather since January was caging. It's wet and wetter. We can't even go out to do our afternoon walk or biking on weekends. We checked the weekly weather forecast on Friday night and thank you Jesus, there was one sunny day on a Saturday that was the next day. It's a meteorological miracle! Ha.

    The trip on the way to Surigao del Sur was cold and foggy. I couldn't stop shivering the whole time.

    We decided to visit the mini-Enchanted river, Libuacan Cold Spring in Tagbina, and Bao-bao Falls ...

  • Time To Dip In Libuacan Cold Spring

    Time To Dip In Libuacan Cold Spring

    Libuacan Cold Spring is part of our Must Visit tourist destinations in Surigao del Sur. We felt sad because the famous Enchanted River was closed due to its renovations but its fine, there will always be a perfect time for us; anyways, let's go back to Libuacan Cold Spring. Libuacan is a river system with cold and crystalline water, free flowing, and surrounded by relaxing greens. Since the area is surrounded by trees, the ambiance is really cool and relaxing; everything seemed to be fresh.

    Photo above is the pool where the visitors swim. The water is not that clear because of the typhoon w ...

  • Reasons Why You Should Visit Mindanao

    Reasons Why You Should Visit Mindanao

    Our original plan is to hike Mt. Dulang-dulang and Mt. Kitanglad, but because of the question: "gusto nyo ba?" it was changed to backpacking in Northern Mindanao. It happened for a very very short time. So from Malaybalay, Bukidnon, we rode on a bus with Cagayan signboard and alighted at Agora Terminal. At the terminal, we rode in a bus with Butuan signboard and alighted at Butuan Terminal. Then, another bus ride to Mangahoy, Bislig, Surigao del Sur. Here are some of the Mindanao's finest, from days 1 to 5.

    Tinuy-an Falls is one of tourist spots, attractions, and destinations that Surigao d ...

  • Surigao Del Sur Refreshing Libuacan Cold Spring

    Surigao Del Sur Refreshing Libuacan Cold Spring

    On the way to Davao from a work-related trip, we decided to drop by the Libuacan Cold Spring. We followed a directional sign for "Tagbina Eco Park" and drove throgh the dirt road that leads to Libuacan Cold Spring. It is just five minutes drive from the highway, this roadside wonder in the town of Tagbina in the province of Surigao del Sur, is a must-visit destination for both locals and intrepid backpackers.

    This rustic and unspoiled beauty offers serene and refreshing break from the humdrum of city living. Had it not for a minimal development it is almost virginal and pristine.

    The s ...

  • Surigao Del Sur Libuacan Cold Spring In Tagbina

    Surigao Del Sur Libuacan Cold Spring In Tagbina

    A haven is defined as a place of safety or refuge. Last September I had the chance to visit a beautiful spot in Tagbina, Surigao del Sur which locals consider as their safe haven. Libuacan cold spring is a quiet, peaceful and serene safe haven. It is a place that could relieve stress and will definitely give its visitor a breath of fresh air.

    The water is deep, clear and cold. This spring is the perfect place to unwind if you're going through some things or just a place for a relaxing but beautiful experience with your friends and loved ones. The spring itself isn't too deep because you cou ...