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  • Bao Bao Falls Lianga Surigao Del Sur

    Bao Bao Falls Lianga Surigao Del Sur

    The best roadtrip, in my experience, is one that isn't planned. My most memorable ones are those hatched while getting drunk, and then actually going through with it the next day, hangovers be damned.

    Last weekend was actually one of those things. Me and a couple of friends were trying to get drunk to make the most of the time he's on land (he's a seaman). He will be going back to Manila in a couple of days and I thought, while chugging a warm tagay of San Miguel Beer, that the perfect way to send him off was a really good unplanned roadtrip. We were in our 4th grande at that point and ...

  • Bao-Bao Falls The Humble Beauty

    Bao-Bao Falls The Humble Beauty

    Lianga maybe as rural as you can imagine, but hidden within the its trees and mountains is a sweet spot sleeping in peace. Bao-Bao Falls may not be as tall and proud as the other known waterfalls, but it sure will leave a unique mark on your experiences.

    The waterfall reminds me of Cambugahay waterfall in Siquijor. Though this one has its own charm. The water is cold and clear.

    Though sad to witness but again, some irresponsible and senseless visitors already tarnished the virgin beauty of the waterfall. Carved names on the stones and other sort of vandalism has wounded the waterfall. Th ...

  • Surigao Del Sur Bao-bao Falls Pamutuanan Cave And Cagwait White Beach

    Surigao Del Sur Bao-bao Falls Pamutuanan Cave And Cagwait White Beach

    After our unplanned Cabgan Island trip, we were getting ready to go to Lanuza for some surfing sesh. Then Jason insisted that he'll take us to not-so-common spots in the area as what he's promised years ago. Jason together with his brother JC and friend Jake fetched us at Barobo Terminal and then the road trip begun.

    First stop: Bogac Spring and mini-enchanted river in Barobo

    We actually were planning to stop by Bogac Spring when we arrived in town from Cabgan Island however I crossed it off because I really wanted to go to Lanuza already. Then Jason and JC took us back to the area. The ...

  • 11 Years After It Was Established The KMM KAGANA Marine Protected Area Has Very Good Coral Cover Abundant Coral Recruits But There Is No Spill Over

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    11 years after it was established, the KMM ??" KAGANA Marine Protected Area has very good coral cover, abundant coral recruits, but there is no spill over effect of fishes that is supposed to happen. Where have all the fishes gone

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    LGU Lianga ??" Rare, Inc. Campaign site: KMM ??" KAGANA Marine Protected Area Barangay Ganayon, Lianga, Surigao del Sur, Philippines Home to 42 species of reef fishes, 36 genera of corals, 14 species of mangroves and 8 species of seagrasses ??" (DOST ??" PCMARD PacSea 4) A rea: NTZ = 43.33 has + buffer zone = 88.73 has = 132.06 has Habitats: Cora ...