Laswitan Falls and Lagoon

Cortes, Surigao del Sur

Laswitan Falls and Lagoon is located in Cortes, Surigao City, Surigao del Sur. This waterfall is actually a unique 20-foot rock formation that it receives a huge number of tourists from nearby towns and from all over the country.

Laswitan Falls and Lagoon News

  • Laswitan Of Cortes, Surigao Del Sur

    Laswitan Of Cortes, Surigao Del Sur

    Laswitan is one of the most unique tourist destinations in Mindanao. And this kind of charm being different is the primary reason why this place caught my attention. My journey in Laswitan was before it was featured in Jessica Soho. There were only few people who visits the area and mostly are locals from Surigao.

  • Laswitan Lagoon, Madrelin, Cortes, Surigao Del Sur

    Laswitan Lagoon, a rock-bounded spot composing of three lagoons with varying sizes, recently made waves on the internet and got flashed on national TV. This lagoon, which is not one of the many beaches in the Philippines, provides a different taste of fun, giving you the special chance to get splashed by water from behind the rock boundaries of the lagoon.

    I strongly recommend that you visit this place because this is just one of the variety of places Surigao del Sur has for travelers who are thirsty for new adventures. But before going to Laswitan Lagoon, there are things you should know:

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  • Laswitan Lagoon In Cortes Surigao Del Sur Philippines Part 2

    Laswitan Lagoon Cortes Surigao del Sur Philippines.

    It looks like an ocean waterfalls. However upon looking closely and finding out about it, how does a waterfall end up being on the shore along with the Pacific Ocean at the back?

  • Revisiting Laswitan Lagoon In Surigao Del Sur Philippines

    Finally was able to go back there almost a year after it went viral. It's still the same beautiful Laswitan Lagoon I know.

    The Laswitan Lagoon in Cortes, Surigao del Sur in the Philippines is uncontrollably breath-taking. Have a peek at its majestic beauty and get drawn by its wonderful splashes.

    Make sure that you listen to this with your earphones on so you can listen to it better.

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