Lanuza River Mouth Surfing

Lanuza, Surigao del Sur

Lanuza River Mouth Surf Break is located in Lanuza, Surigao del Sur. It is a right hand break that is best around low tide. Lanuza's perfect long right hander that rolls along the sandy bottom of the river mouth is best for classic longboard surfers but also excellent for short boards too.

Lanuza River Mouth Surfing Break News

  • The Millennial Mermaid Making Waves In Phl Surfing History

    The Millennial Mermaid Making Waves In Phl Surfing History

    With over less than two weeks to the second leg of the Philippine Surfing Championship Tour (PSCT) in Lanuza, Surigao del Sur, lets quickly go back and relive the memorable highlights from the first leg of the PSCT, the 19th Siargao National Surfing Cup.

    Last week, we relived the highlights from the first four days of the competition. Now, let?s rewind and enjoy the awesome highlights from the last two days.

    Day Five

    The intensity was felt at the Cloud 9 tower during every heat yesterday as spectators cheered for their favorite surfers throughout Rounds 4 and 5 of the 19th Siargao Nat ...

  • Philippine Surfing Championship Tour To Rank Best PH Surfers

    Philippine Surfing Championship Tour To Rank Best PH Surfers

    In the age of digital media, surfing has become a noticeable topic of interest throughout the worldwide web. More people now want to feel the sense of unadulterated elation that is popularly known throughout the surfing community as ?stoke? or ?froth.?

    But there is a special breed of surfers who has nurtured their love for surfing in a whole different level. Surfing everyday for these individuals is not just a way to get their daily dose of stoke; it is an integral part of their lives, their bread and butter.

    Surfing has become a primal drive for these wave riders that is why the countr ...

  • Surfing In A Small Hideaway Town Lanuza Surigao Del Sur

    Surfing In A Small Hideaway Town Lanuza Surigao Del Sur

    Already positioned on top of my long board, I looked behind me and saw a cluster of incoming swell. With my heart racing, I paddled my hands to gear up for my impending stoke. The waves pushed me forward and as I raised my body against my two arms to stand on my board, I heard something pop on my lower right chest. I lost balance and the swirling of the swell resembling the insides of a washing machine swallowed me yet again.

    After suffering a minor muscle strain that caused some pain, I sat at the shore and watched the endless breaks of the waves - only to be charmed back into grabbing my ...

  • Left My Heart In Lanuza Surigao Del Sur

    Left My Heart In Lanuza Surigao Del Sur

    When you think of surfing in the Philippines, you will immediately remember Siargao Island as the surfing capital. Once you hear Surigao, the island comes in your mind straightaway. But let's forget about it and let's explore another surfing spot in Surigao, which is located in Sur or in the southern part of Surigao province.

    [Note: This will be a long post and more on mushy storytelling. lol]

    Me and my boyfriend got addicted to surfing and we get stoked on it as if it's our first time. Days are better if you are on a surf trip. It's not all about getting a good picture for you to brag o ...

  • Stoked In Lanuza Surigao Del Sur

    Stoked In Lanuza Surigao Del Sur

    Life gets better when you're on a surf trip. It's all about spending some time slowing down and enjoying the days, having the freedom to roam the coasts while traveling with friends and having a blast. And the after glow is lasting.

    Where to Stay

    It's already my second time in Lanuza and nothing has changed with my love affair in this tiny and tranquil town. Me and my friends always stay at Mami's Surf Haus when in Lanuza. It's one of those houses that's included on the Homestay Project of the LGU since there are no hotels in the town. We're in love with this place because Mami Belen, th ...

  • Top Eight Surfing Areas in the Philippines

    Top Eight Surfing Areas in the Philippines

    There's a lot of surf spots in the Philippines ??" 18th in the North ( Luzon ) and 9 in the Southeast ( Mindanao) . Some spots are already well established , with surf shops and get crowded in peak season while some are left untouched and unknown to the public. still remain a " secret"

    1. Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte (Cloud 9)
    On top of the list is none other than the "Surfing Capital of the Philippines." The Cloud 9 wave has put the Philippines in the world surfing map. It is located in the town of General Luna.

    The best months for surfing in this area is from the month ...