Hagonoy Island

Bislig City, Surigao del Sur

Hagonoy Island can be reached in a 30-minute ride by pumpboat from Mangagoy wharf in Bislig, Surigao del Sur. It boasts of its white-sand beach. Swimmers and scuba divers also flock to this island.

Hagonoy Island News

  • When In Surigao Road Trip To Enchanted River

    When In Surigao Road Trip To Enchanted River

    Surigao lies next to the fathomless underwater gorge, Philippine Deep, being one of the deepest portions in the Pacific Ocean. Rugged mountains are prominent borders throughout the long coasts. Bounded by the Hinatuan Passage, this area stands strong from the countless typhoon as the eye of the tropical storm frequently visits Hinatuan.

  • A Stretch Of White Sand At Hagonoy Island Surigao

    A Stretch Of White Sand At Hagonoy Island Surigao

    Be transformed as you meditate at the garden of vines that heals every soul's weary at the Hagonoy Island ??" that's their slogan here. This islet is really small, just a hundred meters long or maybe less but has a fine white sand shore and surrounded by crystal clear waters.

    Hagonoy is an islet with few coconuts and trees, so expect for a darker skin tone after your visit because of the sun rays. It is the cutest among Britania Group of Islets.

    Though it is small, but the landscape is comparable to what Boracay Island has.

    We stayed at Hagonoy Island for a short period of time. Acco ...

  • A Day And A Half In Surigao

    A Day And A Half In Surigao

    I am pretty sure most of you have already heard of that beautiful blue river in the Philippines. A lot of tourists had already dropped by for them to see it with their own eyes. I ,too, got curious about that "enchanting" river. So curious, that it's included in my bucket list.

    I got invited by my workmates to travel with them to the provinces of Surigao. Since seeing the Enchanted River is part of my bucket list, I've decided to go with them. We were on a tight budget, so we traveled DIY-style. And oh, we did it during our day off, so we are also time-pressured.

    The Plan

    Ride a bus f ...

  • Surigao Del Sur With Manay And Mati Escapade

    Surigao Del Sur With Manay And Mati Escapade

    Surigao del Sur is blessed with different natural resources, from lakes, beaches, falls, mountains, and much more. It is not surprising that Surigao del Sur is one of the best destinations that can be chosen when it comes to nature tripping.

    Surigao del Sur is an area in the Philippines situated in the Caraga locale in Mindanao. Its capital is Tandag City. It is situated on the eastern bank of Mindanao and facing the Philippine Sea toward the east. Map here.

    Before we continue, I will just give you an idea that what we had during this trip was not for backpackers. Everything was planned ...

  • Exploring The South Britania Group Of Islands

    Exploring The South Britania Group Of Islands

    After the falls and river kind of adventure during our first day in Surigao, our day 2 is an island hopping kind of day! We woke up at around six thirty in the morning and have our breakfast first. We are a bit frustrated in the morning because we woke up raining. However, the rain stopped at around seven o'clock in the morning and we eventually packed up and got ready to ride in the boat we will use for the island hopping at Britania Islands. So excited!

    Hagonoy Island is a tiny (140 meters long) & privately owned Island and a resort, it is located near the city of Bislig, on Bislig bay ( ...

  • Britania The True Nature Of Paradise

    Britania The True Nature Of Paradise

    Surigao del Sur is a province in the Philippines located in the Caraga region in Mindanao. Tandag City is the capital,Surigao del Sur is situated at the eastern coast of Mindanao and faces the Philippine sea to the east. Britania is located at San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. Exploiting the 24 islets all in all.

    Britania was the greek and Roman term of the Great Bretain and Ireland which was inhabited by the britons. An ancient roman name of the island of Great Bretain.

    From Tinuy-an Falls to Enchanted River,we proceed to Britania for Island hoping tour cost for only Php 1,500 visiting the ...