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  • Cabgan Island In Surigao Del Sur

    Cabgan Island In Surigao Del Sur

    After half an hour's boat ride from the sleepy poblacion of Barobo in Surigao del Sur we landed on the beach of Cabgan Island. Not a soul was in sight, only the clear turquoise water, white sandy beach, and the abundant green of trees.

  • Vanishing Island At Surigao Del Sur

    Vanishing Island At Surigao Del Sur

    While on the Enchanted River, one could also visit the Vanishing Island by renting a pump boat. The boat ride usually costs 160-200php for one hour.

    And the tour includes a visit to the Vanishing Island (Banising as mentioned by the bangkero), HInatuan Cave, Sibadan Fish Cage ('Piskids' as what kuya bangkero said), and the Tinago River.

    First Stop: The Vanishing Island

    Surigao also has its own version of a vanishing island, and though it's quite small but it's one of my favorites.

    I just love the bluish green and turquoise crystal clear water, the powdery sand, and the perfectly s ...

  • Bogac Spring Barobo Surigao Del Sur

    One of the most beautiful spring in Barobo Surigao del Sur. It's clean, clear and cold. Please visit in our place here in Barobo Surigao del Sur. There's a lot beautiful places here in Surigao. Like ofcourse Bogac, Enchanted River, Turtle Islands, Pugad white sand beach, Dapdap, Falls in Bislig, and more more more.. Discover the beauty of our nature!

  • Cabgan Island Barobo Surigao Del Sur

    Small vacation with college friends. From Barangay Rizal in Barobo, Surigao del Sur crossing to Cabgan Island.

  • Surigao Del Sur How To Go To Cabgan Island

    Surigao Del Sur How To Go To Cabgan Island

    Cabgan Island is one of the most fascinating islands that I've been to. It is untouched and the island has a lot to offer from pristine white sand and beaches to surfing spots! I actually thought of dropping Cabgan Island off our Surigao del Sur Itinerary for our day 2 but I am so glad I didn't!.

    How To Get There

    • By Air - Major airlines have daily flights to Butuan City, Surigao City and Davao City from Cebu and Manila. We took the Cebu Butuan route.

    • By Land - Take the bus or van (van is highly recommended) going to Tandag or Mangagoy, Bislig. Get off Barobo Terminal.Travel ti ...

  • Surigao Del Sur Cabgan Island

    Surigao Del Sur Cabgan Island

    So you are done visiting the famous Surigao del Sur destintations: Hinatuan Enchanted River and Bislig Tinuy-an Falls. You might ask, where to next?

    I highly suggest Cabgan Island in Barobo, Surigao del Sur!

    Powder-fine white sand and turquoise water: two of the many things that this island can offer. This is one of the unspoiled islands that I've been to. I was in awe! The island is not being developed to accommodate visitors so once you set foot on the island, you will have a feeling of having a paradise all to yourself. Bring your own food and water, there is no store in the island. ...