Journey To Siargao Island Philippines

Siargao Island is known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, but you don't need to be a surfer to enjoy the beautiful scenery and natural attractions on the island. So where is this hidden gem, you ask? Good question. Siargao is located 800 kilometers southeast of Philippines' capital Manila. It belongs to the province of Surigao del Norte, situated at the northeastern tip of Mindanao. Perfect white beaches, enchanting lagoons, caves, sand bars, coral reefs, bizarre rock formations, exotic wildlife, endless rice fields, waterfalls, a large mangrove forest reserve. and so much more. Siargao is not only about riding waves and the perfect swell. And I'm not a surfer.

Travel Guide
00:14 - Cagayan de Oro City Terminal- Bus Fare - 350 - 400PHP to Butuan City- Bus Fare 280 PHP to Surgao City- Tricycle Fare - 20PHP to Surigao Port
00:30 - Surigao Port Boat Fare - 280 PHP to Siargao Dapa Port. Terminal Fee - 15PHP
00:59 - Dapa Port To General Luna Motorcycle Fare - 200PHP
01:04 - Details Input for island official list
01:28 - Feeling the Island Vibes.
01:45 - Surfing Experience starts here. Boat Ride - 1,500PHP for Island hopping Surfing board rent - 500 for 3 surf board(Very Good Price) Comment Below if you want me to recommend to you our buddies who thought us how to balance the surf board and also lend us their surfing board on the lowest price!
02:04 - Buying fresh fish in the wet market. One whole fresh fish aws 160PHP
02:20 - Surfing tutorial
02:23 - Surfing at the other side of Daku Island ( It's kinda like a secret spot to surf so we were the only group there.
02:27 - Check out the Waves
02:52 - Daku Island
03:09 - Sea side lunch (Improvised food trip) Boodle fight Fish cost total - 300 Shells - 200 Rice - No idea
03:15 - exploring Daku Island
03:50 - DAY 2 in Siargao Island - Rent a Bike and get lost for 350 PHP/DAY
04:50 - Magpupunko Rock pool formation Note: Rock formation will only appear at 11:00am in the morning till 04:00PM in the afternoon.
06:08 - Cloud 9, Siargao Island Surf Board Rent - 500PHP/ Hour Trainer if begginer - 500PHP
06:17 - Entering Cloud 9 boardwalk - At the entrance, Local surfing trainer will wait and ask you if you're a beginner or not.
06:39 - Surfing at Cloud 9- We went there around 5:15 so the sun was ready to go down. Surfing doesn't stop till it's night- We should have took local surfing trainers there. We got the wrong board that professionals use. It's very different than the surf board we used in Daku Island.
08:26 - Full moon from the beach side.

Additional Travel Guide
BY AIR: The fastest, and most convenient way to get to Siargao to take a flight from Cebu City to Sayak Airport at Del Carmen, Siargao. If you can not get a direct flight to Siargao, you can opt for a flight to Butuan City or Surigao City.

Agora (CDO) ? Butuan Bus Terminal
Bus (5H); Fare: 350Php - 400PHP/AC
Butuan ? Surigao Bus Terminal
Bus (3H); Fare 170PhP/non-AC205PhP/AC
First Trip: 2AM
Last Trip: 9PM

Bus (9-10); ~600PhP/AC(10-11); ~550PhP/non-ACSURIGAO CITY ? DAPA PORT, SIARGAO
Take a multicab, or tricycle to get to Surigao Port. Daily trips from Surigao City to Dapa, Siargao. Check for schedules, and current fare here:
RoRo Ferry: Fare Range: 200 ? 300 PhP/Pax
First Trip: 5:30 AM (Surigao ? Dapa, Siargao)7:30 AM (Dapa, Siargao ? Surigao)
Last Trip 12:00 NM (Surigao ? Dapa, Siargao)1:30 AM (Dapa, Siargao ? Surigao)

When in Siargao Island Philippines
Island Hoping 1,500 PHP - 3 White sand Islands
Hint - Buy fresh fishes and meat at the General Luna wet market and grill them when you go Island hopping to get the best experience ever.
Surfing - 500 for a trainer(for beginners)
SurfBoard - 300 - 500 per hour. depends on how good you negotiate.

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