Tayangban Cave Pool

Pilar, Surigao del Norte

Tayangban Cave Pool is the newly found tourist spot in Siargao Island. Located at Brgy. Datu, Pilar, Surigao Del Norte, Siargao Island. With a Cave entrance surrounded by water where you can enjoy swimming in a fresh water cave.

Tayangban Cave Pool News

  • Tayangban Cave Pool Refreshing Spelunking In Siargao

    Tayangban Cave Pool Refreshing Spelunking In Siargao

    Tayangban Cave is a twin cave situated right off the Siargao Circumferential Road in Pilar, Surigao Del Norte. The cave, formerly called Kantoloi Twin Cenotes, was named after Siargaos famous cave diver Bartolome "Toloi" Daclan. Now dubbed Tayangban Cave, only a little sign on the side of the road leads tourists to this hideout.

  • Siargao Is More Than Just For Surfing

    Siargao Is More Than Just For Surfing

    Siargao has been a goal of mine for the last few years. Two things that hindered me from going were the expensive flights, and the fact that I thought it was only for surfing (don?t get me wrong, I enjoy attempting to surf, I am just daunted learning in waters amongst expert surfers). Finally this year, a spur of the moment decision led me to purchase the not-so-cheap flight tickets. To be fair, there were cheaper options, but this would entail a long bus ride and ferry ride, and I wanted to spend as much time as I could in Siargao so I opted for a semi-direct flight with a stopover in Cebu.

  • The Hidden Gems Of Siargao Island

    There's plenty of activities to do in Siargao then surfing. So I decided to explore the island. Recommended by a local to check out two spots and they didn't disappoint.

  • Siargao For Non-Surfers

    Siargao Island's got it all. We enjoyed every second we were there.

  • Sohoton And Siargao 2017 Office Summer Vacation

    Hi! We're ordinary office folks having our much deserved Summer Vacation at one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines: SIARGAO! The water, the islands, the scenery and the overall happy and laid back island vibe was almost too amazing to take in. Best part, I didn't cost us a huge chunk. Made us all wish we could stay forever haha! (kidding boss!)

    We went to Sohoton Cove, Socorro and it's nearby islands on our first day. Everything was just immaculate and we got to see it's caves and wonderful scenery (Just bring food trust us). We then proceeded to Siargao Island early the next m ...

  • Siargao DIY 5 Days And 4 Nights Travel Itinerary

    Siargao DIY 5 Days And 4 Nights Travel Itinerary

    File that remaining vacation leaves and surf your way up to Siargao. Whether you are a surfer or a non-surfer, the island will welcome you with its world renowned waves and other must go to sites.


    Davao-Butuan. Right after work, we took the 9PM bus at Davao City Overland Transport Terminal. We actually did not know the schedule of the Davao-Butuan route since we can't find it in the internet and we were not able to call the terminal's office. So we ended up being spontaneous and got in at any of the available buses.

    Actually, we only paid for Davao-Bayugan route beca ...