Taktak Falls

Santa Monica, Surigao del Norte

Taktak Falls is located in Sayug, Rizal, Sta. Monica. About 3kms away from Sapao. The place is well hidden and surrounded by indigenous plants.

Taktak Falls is cemented and its waters are trapped in a pool thus the current is not strong.

Taktak Falls Siargao News

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    Back at the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Siargao! Spent 10 days on the island exploring different spots so here's the ultimate Siargao travel guide for you guys! I hope you make time to volunteer with sea movement when you visit the island and help at the beach clean up happening every Saturdays :) PLEASE BE A RESPONSIBLE TRAVELER AND HELP PROTECT THE CLEANLINESS OF EVERY PLACE THAT YOU VISIT.

  • Taktak Falls The Only Waterfall On Siargao Island

    Taktak Falls The Only Waterfall On Siargao Island

    Heading up to TakTak waterfall in Santa Monica is a full- day adventure to the north part of the island. From General Luna the waterfall is 1.5-hour drive but is well worth the effort. We enjoyed the waterfall to ourselves. Cliff jumping, tree jumping, and exploration to the top of the falls were the highlights of the adventure.

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    Taktak Falls is one of the stops in our Siargao Island land/day tour. It is located near the northernmost tip of Siargao in the town of Santa Monica. It is a small, gently flowing waterfall. Its pool is ideal for a refreshing swim.

    The whole area is well developed with paved paths and steps, and metal railings,for easier and more convenient access by visitors. I personally feel that it was overdone, however, with the waterfall's natural beauty effectively ruined. But that's just my personal and humble opinion. The surrounding environment remains heavily forested, nevertheless, and during ou ...

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    Davao-Butuan. Right after work, we took the 9PM bus at Davao City Overland Transport Terminal. We actually did not know the schedule of the Davao-Butuan route since we can't find it in the internet and we were not able to call the terminal's office. So we ended up being spontaneous and got in at any of the available buses.

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