Sugba Lagoon

Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte

Sugba Lagoon is part of the Del Carmen Mangrove Eco Tour will give tourists a different nature adventure experience as one enjoys the lush green sceneries of the 4,189 hectares of mangroves adjoining Del Carmen Port and Sugba Lagoon.

This vast area of mangroves offers a wide variety of different species. The river cruise is a perfect relaxing experience and adventure.


> The captivating Liaonan Cave and the Tona Island are added attractions in the cruise. Tourist will also have the opportunity to observe the people's culture as they interact with the local community. They can also enjoy sumptuous meal of seafoods and more.

Sugba Lagoon News

  • Travel Guide Siargao For Non Surfer

    Travel Guide Siargao For Non Surfer

    Siargao Island is located in the Province of Surigao Del Norte easternmost island of the Philippines

    If you don't have plan to surf in the surfing capital of the Philippines.. Siargao...We got you!

  • Secret Paradise Siargao Island Philippines

    I fell in love with Siargao's natural beauty, friendly people and its untouched feel. Seriously, if you haven't been to this island, you haven't seen paradise yet. I went there without my professional camera and only took a few photos using my phone because Siargao has that magic wherein you just want to detach from the world and be a beach bum forever. I only have a few video clips because most of my time on this island was spent paddle boarding in the middle of lagoons, meeting new people, bonding with friends and just chilling. Still hope you guys like my video!

    Sad I wasn't able to try ...

  • Biyahe Ni Drew Experience Paradise In Siargao Island Full Episode

    Explore the best offer of Siargao Island as we wander its beauty. People must try to land a foot on the Guyam Island and meet its hospitable residents. The amazing coral gardens under the sea will definitely complete your diving experience. BiyaHERO drew also tries to do skateboarding, extreme adventures and tastes the seafood cuisines that they offer.

  • Siargao In August

    Here's my latest trip to Siargao featuring CEBxCDO friends! This island I call paradise keeps me coming back. Go and see for yourself.

    This is my first legit travel 'video' (I'm tryna redo my other vids). Keep posted for my write-up about this trip.

  • Discover Siargao, The Surfing Mecca Of The Philippines

    Siargao, a place that is seem to far for many to reach but when visited and discovered surely one can say it's really worth it. Personally, I just wanted to stay there forever (not exaggerating) as I could describe the island as serene, majestic, and perfect.

    Enjoy the short video that I made of our trip (hubby and I) and really...I promise to be back later this year!

  • Serene Siargao

    Serene Siargao

    Wake up to the sound of chirping birds, eat breakfast under a canopy of white orchids, nap on a hammock under a palm tree, surf the waves or learn how to ride them by afternoon, partake of grilled feast and down it with fresh coconut juice, take a dip in a clear tidal pool, sleep, repeat.

    Such a day makes for a relaxing holiday, and such a day happens everyday, 800 kilometers southeast of Manila, on the island of Siargao.

    Laid-back lifestyle

    This tear drop-shaped island of Surigao del Norte is popular among foreign and local tourists as a world-class surfing destination. But apart fro ...