Sugba Lagoon

Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte

Sugba Lagoon is part of the Del Carmen Mangrove Eco Tour will give tourists a different nature adventure experience as one enjoys the lush green sceneries of the 4,189 hectares of mangroves adjoining Del Carmen Port and Sugba Lagoon.

This vast area of mangroves offers a wide variety of different species. The river cruise is a perfect relaxing experience and adventure.


> The captivating Liaonan Cave and the Tona Island are added attractions in the cruise. Tourist will also have the opportunity to observe the people's culture as they interact with the local community. They can also enjoy sumptuous meal of seafoods and more.

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  • Siargao


    Travelling Siargao Island is one of my ultimate bucket list! As we all know Siargao Island is the surfing capital of the Philippines and beyond the monstrous waves this island is famous for, are beautiful lagoons, breath taking cave pools, the largest mangrove forest reserves in Mindanao and amazing islands that is now considered famous tourist destination.

  • Seven Reasons To Go To Siargao

    Seven Reasons To Go To Siargao

    Looking for a beach getaway? Consider Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte. Here are seven things you can do in the beautiful island known as the surfing capital of the Philippines.

    1. Surfing on Cloud 9. Don't let a trip to Siargao pass without surfing the Cloud 9 wave, or at least just watching the pros glide through the powerful waves. It gained popularity among local and foreign surfers who have been trooping to the island before any of the commercial resorts were built.

    2. Cliff/rock diving in Magpupungko. Head to Magpupungko Beach for a stretch of sand, unusual rock formations, and ...

  • 8 Things To Do In Siargao

    8 Things To Do In Siargao

    With its swells that make the surfers' adrenaline pumping and feet itching, Siargao has been luring both local and international wave riders to its rolling shores. No wonder that this teardrop-shaped island is widely regarded as "the Surfing Capital of the Philippines".

  • A First-timers Guide To Siargao

    A First-timers Guide To Siargao

    Siargao was such a dream destination. A great surfing capital, if you/re really into it but also offers a bunch of attractions you will easily fall in love with. A few things you need to know about Siargao is that not everything is within walking distance - a lot suggest you learn how to drive a motorcycle but of course safety first! There are tricycles anyways that fit 5 people - and they have fixed rates so you don't have to worry about being scammed. The food and drinks are actually cheap! Touring will take up most of your day because travel times can be long - but it's hella fun! As for pa ...

  • Siargao Travel Guide 2019: 34 Things To Do On Siargao Island

    Siargao Travel Guide 2019: 34 Things To Do On Siargao Island

    Here is your most updated Siargao travel guide! Listed down 34 things to do in Siargao. Nothing is a must.

  • Siargao Travel Guide: Top Things To Do, Where To Stay ,Tips And More

    Siargao Travel Guide: Top Things To Do, Where To Stay ,Tips And More

    Unless you're a professional surfer, you probably haven't given Siargao much thought as a travel destination until a couple of years ago. Located in the province of Surigao del Norte, the island notably "made waves" after Paul Soriano released his romance film of the same name in 2017. Just like in the movie, Siargao is often portrayed as a haven for surfers and solo travellers, but what you might not know is that the island is actually welcoming to every other kind of visitor! Continue reading our Siargao travel guide to know how you can best explore this stunning island paradise yourself!