Sugba Lagoon

Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte

Sugba Lagoon is part of the Del Carmen Mangrove Eco Tour will give tourists a different nature adventure experience as one enjoys the lush green sceneries of the 4,189 hectares of mangroves adjoining Del Carmen Port and Sugba Lagoon.

This vast area of mangroves offers a wide variety of different species. The river cruise is a perfect relaxing experience and adventure.


> The captivating Liaonan Cave and the Tona Island are added attractions in the cruise. Tourist will also have the opportunity to observe the people's culture as they interact with the local community. They can also enjoy sumptuous meal of seafoods and more.

Sugba Lagoon News

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    Sugba Lagoon In Siargao Philippines

    A day trip to Sugba Lagoon was one of the top highlights during my 2-week adventures in Siargao. The Sugba Lagoon is the bluest lagoon I have ever seen!