Sugba Lagoon

Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte

Sugba Lagoon is part of the Del Carmen Mangrove Eco Tour will give tourists a different nature adventure experience as one enjoys the lush green sceneries of the 4,189 hectares of mangroves adjoining Del Carmen Port and Sugba Lagoon.

This vast area of mangroves offers a wide variety of different species. The river cruise is a perfect relaxing experience and adventure.


> The captivating Liaonan Cave and the Tona Island are added attractions in the cruise. Tourist will also have the opportunity to observe the people's culture as they interact with the local community. They can also enjoy sumptuous meal of seafoods and more.

Sugba Lagoon News

  • The Little Piglets Day Out To Sugba Lagoon Siargao Philippines

    A Group of piglets from The Smiling Pig Hostel had a days adventure to Sugba Lagoon.

  • Siargao Island

    Siargao Island contains the largest mangrove forest reserves in Mindanao, at Del Carmen. Long stretches of wetlands indicate a potential for commercial seaweed propagation.

  • A Teardrop In The Ocean

    A Teardrop In The Ocean

    Found west of Surigao Del Norte, approximately 800 kilometers far from the busy streets of Manila, is the countrys own Tahiti. A teardrop-shaped island, which appears like it had been snatched from Polynesia, then shipped from across the Pacific Ocean, like a gift from the gods. And it probably was. The entire island of Siargao, from its unspoiled natural architecture to its rich local culture, is an art only the hands of a deity could create. It is nothing short of heaven.

    On the small island, your heart can find whatever it desires. At the end of every street awaits the sea. The turquoise ...

  • Theres No War In Siargao

    Theres No War In Siargao

    Flying over Siargao island in the northeast point of martial law-plagued Mindanao, far from the unfortunate city of Marawi, you see a wide expanse of greenery, bodies of water, with misty blue mountains in the background.

    After an 80-minute flight from Manila, the Skyjet plane descends on Sayak Airport and the greenery is transformed into trees, foliage, plants and flowers, and an imposing array of mangroves in Del Carmen town, whose mayor, Alfredo Coro, has invited media to a tour of the island, to show that its business as usual in Siargao despite the extended martial law.

    Siargao, eas ...

  • Siargao Is More Than Just The Surf

    Siargao Is More Than Just The Surf

    Nowadays, when one mentions Siargao, one thinks of the world-famous thick hollow tubes of Cloud 9, the Philippiness best surfing spot. Thats all true, but Siargao offers more, much more, and this we found out during a media familiarization tour. A direct, 80-minute flight from Manila, via a Skyjet Airlines 80-seater, 4-engine British Aerospace 146-100 jet, brought us to Sayak Airport where we were welcomed by our host, the youthful and dynamic Del Camen town Mayor Alfredo M. Coro II. We were all billeted at the nearby Bakhaw Bed & Breakfast and, after a late breakfast and news conference with ...

  • Sugba Lagoon a Must-See Gem In Siargao Island

    Sugba Lagoon a Must-See Gem In Siargao Island

    I'm finally back from my month-long blogging hiatus! Also I just got back from Siargao.

    Last year, I traveled to Siargao for the first time. However, it was just a short trip that I didn't get to visit a lot of places. So I decided to go back and this time, I was able to see more beautiful spots in the island! One of these was Sugba Lagoon.