Sohoton National Park

Socorro, Surigao del Norte

Located in Bucas Grande Islands, Surigao del Norte. Sohoton Lagoon is declared by the Philippine Government as a National Park covering a total area of 70 hectares.

The park features mystical Sohoton Cove, amazing Sohoton Lagoon and the picturesque seven Islets. The lagoon's entrance is the Sohoton cove - a cove half-submerged in water and passable only during low tide.

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  • Sohoton Cove And Cave Tours Part, 1 2018 Surigao Del Northe Philippines

    We spent an early morning hitching a boat ride at dawn to Sohoton Cove National Park in Surigao Del Norte to explore the Sohoton Caves at low tide from 6AM to Noon. It's the only time to explore these Natural Cave formations at low tide, otherwise, it would be under water. This National Park has the Bluest waters in all the Philippines and so clear in the shallow areas that you could see all the way down to the bottom of the lagoon floor. We road on these "Bancas," traditional Filipino fishing boats with double outriggers made of bamboo that are re-designed for Tourism. The drivers expertly na ...

  • Surigao Del Norte Travel Guide: Where To Go And What To Do

    Surigao Del Norte Travel Guide: Where To Go And What To Do

    Few days before my trip to this province, I was looking for something to read about Surigao del Norte tourist spots and a dedicated Surigao del Norte travel blog but I found so little. Now that I am back in Manila it is time to give back by sharing to you my suggestions on what to see and where to go in Surigao del Norte. Not to be confused by the famous Siargao island (also part of this province by jurisdiction), Surigao del Norte deserves a recognition of its own.

  • Sohoton Cove: An Otherworldly Paradise The Heart Soul Of Bucas Grande

    Sohoton Cove: An Otherworldly Paradise The Heart Soul Of Bucas Grande

    We all heard about Siargao and how surreal this island down south of the country truly is. It is a surfing capital, a home to the bluest lagoons and beautiful white sand beaches and more. There is no mistaking that Siargao is quickly on the rise to fame. As big as Siargao is fast becoming is the fact of how fast Bucas Grande (its neighbor and another island part of the Siargao Islands) is pulled back behind the shadows. I get it. Bucas Grande is able to share a portion of the tourist population due to a number of eager visitors willing to go out of their way to visit Sohoton Cove. But it deser ...

  • Exploring Siargao: Sand, Surf And Sun

    Exploring Siargao: Sand, Surf And Sun

    The days leading up to this trip had been quite trying to say the least. Writers block had been hanging around for the last few weeks having trouble to make the last few trips relatable had been a challenge. Plus seeing the internet blow up during holy week about how tourists are trashing Siargao had made me a little less excited about the trip. But I knew I needed to get my fix of Sand, Sea and Surf! We almost missed our flight which gave me an anxiety attack! As the plane took off we were laughing and pumping adrenaline through our veins!

  • Bucas Grande Sohoton Cove Raw And Beguiling

    Bucas Grande Sohoton Cove Raw And Beguiling

    This is one of the places where you had to know the right time to visit. Access to Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande is only during low tide. Coming from Tundan Cave, we went back to Sohoton Bay Resort for a short lunch break before returning for the cove in the early afternoon. I was already impressed with what Ive seen of Bucas Grande in general. The low round karst hills and islets reminds me of chocolate hills but this one over the majestic Palawan blue waters. That?s until we passed through the 40-meter low cave and entered the world of Sohoton Cove.

  • Sohoton Bay Resort: Rustic And Serene Beach Cove At Bucas Grande

    Sohoton Bay Resort: Rustic And Serene Beach Cove At Bucas Grande

    A one hour ferry ride from Dapa, Siargao to Socorro Port in a jam-packed boat. A half-hour tricycle ride cutting through the bucolic landscape of Bucas Grande. Then a thrilling half hour boat ride from Barangay Sta Cruz on a small boat to Sohoton Bay. A transit that slowly swelled my excitement for visiting this emerging gem of a destination in Surigao del Norte. And my abode is at Sohoton Bay Resort. A lovely quiet cove just a stones throw away to the wonders of Sohoton Cove.