Sibale Beach

Surigao City, Surigao del Norte

Sibale Beach is located on Sibale Island in Barangay Zaragoza, a short pump boat ride from Surigao City Surigao del Norte. It is a two kilometer stretch of beach accentuated with pristine white sand fringed with lofty coconut trees and lush vegetation, it is endowed with vast scabbed which is definitely ideal for swimming.

It is all the same accessible by paddleboat or a five minut ...

e trip by motorized boat from Barangay Zaragoza. It is very near the city, thus many tourists eye this wonderful place easily. It is definitely affordable and safe.

Sibale Beach News

  • 8 What Not To Miss When In Surigao

    8 What Not To Miss When In Surigao

    Surigao City, just like any city in Mindanao offers a lot of natural wonders. From beaches to mountains and caves, Surigao City has it all. Many people thought that when you mention Surigao, we are talking about waves in Siargao or that waterfalls in Surigao del Sur. There are a lot of places and things in a city that are not really visited by the touring public. These are not yet disturbed or commercialized.They haven't gained the love from media yet because people were not talking about it just yet.

    Here are 8 other things you can do and or visit in Surigao City:

    1. Mapawa Cave.
    The ...

  • 2 Unspoiled and Tranquil White Beaches in Surigao City That Are Worthy of Visit

    2 Unspoiled and Tranquil White Beaches in Surigao City That Are Worthy of Visit

    Do you want to spend your weekend in some kind of relaxation in unspoiled and tranquil white beaches after a long hours of work in the office Are you tired of the hassles of city life and you want something new that are away from the usual daily routine Then try to visit the white beaches in Surigao city, Surigao del Norte, Philippines.

    Sibale Beach, Barangay Zaragoza - it is a two kilometer stretch of white sand beach which is truly adorable and it is fringed with tall coconut trees and verdant vegetation. It is endowed with vast beauty of natural world and the sea is very much ideal for s ...

  • The City of Island Adventures

    The City of Island Adventures

    The city of Surigao is located at the northeasternmost tip of Mindanao Island in the Philippines and is the capital of the province of Surigao del Norte. It has a total land area of 245.34 km2, which is roughly 1.4% of the Caraga Region. The demonym for a Surigao resident is Surigaonon or SurigueƱo.

    The city is well-known as the City of Island Adventures. It is endowed with long stretches of white sand beaches, mystical caves, captivating rock formations, vast mangrove forests and underwater scenery.

    The city has abundant mineral reserves, including gold, iron, manganese, silica, cobalt ...

  • Surigao City

    Surigao City

    This city known is to be the Land of Peace and the capital of Surigao del Norte. Surigao city is a part of the province located in the northeastern Mindanao area. The place is also blessed with wonderful natural resources and picturesque spots like beaches, mangrove forest, caves, lagoons, waterfalls and many more. Its socio-political solidity is one of the province's unsurpassed and unsullied qualities.

    Found on the northern point of Mindanao, Surigao City makes a perfect destination for tourists and travelers as well as a nice site for booming businesses. It is composed of 54 barangays, ...