Siargao Island Landscape Seascape

General Luna, Surigao del Norte

The Siargao Island Protected Landscape and Seascape includes the adjacent islands of Siargao and Bucas Grande Islands, which lie a few kilometers off the north-eastern coast of Mindanao. Several of the threatened and restricted-range species of the Mindanao and Eastern Visayas Endemic Bird Area have been recorded on the island of Siargao.

Other threatened and endemic animals recorde ...

d on Siargao include the Saltwater Crocodile Crocodylus porosus, marine turtles (Hawksbill Turtle Eretmochelys imbricata, etc.), Philippine Tarsier Tarsius syrichta, Flying Lemur Cynocephalus volans and Dugong Dugong dugon. The interesting flora includes fire orchids, century orchids Dendrobium and Pitcher plants Nepenthes spp.

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  • Siargao Island Philippines - Lovely Planet Travels

    Find your happiness in this tear-shaped island in the Philippines, Siargao Island. Swim in the Magpupungko Rock Pools, relax at the Subga Lagoon, Island Hopping at the Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam Island and surf at the Cloud 9 Boardwalk with Lovely Planet Travels!

    Video Captured & Edited by: Jan Mckingley Hilado
    Travel & Tours by: Lovely Planet Travels

    Background music copyright: The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan - All We Know (Jaydon Lewis NGO Remix)

  • DENR Caraga Siargao Island Protected Landscape and Seascape

    DENR Caraga Siargao Island Protected Landscape and Seascape.

  • Siargao Mangrove Boardwalk In Del Carmen Numancia

    September 8, 2015 5:30 PM - Went exploring Siargao Del Carmen's newly constructed Mangrove Boardwalk! Too bad there were no crocodiles! I was kinda hoping to spot one! Hehe :) Route/asa agihon - go to Del Carmen town in Siargao & ask locals where the Mangrove Boardwalk is, i think it is just a 20 minute walk from their Pier. Just follow the road/coral road beside their gym. :D good luck! ^_^

    FYI: I've read that Siargao has the Largest Mangrove Forest reserves/plantation in the Philippines :)

  • Siargao Native Wins 21st International Surfing Cup

    Siargao Native Wins 21st International Surfing Cup

    With Siargao as his playground, John Mark "Marama" Tokong swept everyone off their surfboards and win the championship.

    Siargao's Cloud 9 was all abuzz during the 21st International Surfing Cup last September 28, 2015 with a good mix of local and international surfers from Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, New Zealand, USA, Europe and Australia.

    Last year, local surfer Piso Alcala lorded it over the cup. This year, 18-year old Siargao native John Mark "Marama" Tokong emerged as the cup's champion.

    The tubers Marama and Piso came in first and second respectively.

    Marama went home with $8,0 ...

  • Siargao Island Pristine Beauty

    Siargao Island Pristine Beauty

    Joshua: I spent 4 days and 3 nights to experience Siargao's pristine, fine white sand beaches, and clear blue-tinged waters. I rented a boat for P800 to go to three islands namely Naked, Guyam, and Daku.

    Naked Island was a huge clump of white sand right in the middle of the ocean. There was no vegetation on the island, just white sand and clear, blue waters.

    Daku Island is the biggest of the three and also has its own barangay. The island boasts having fine, white sand and clear, turquoise waters. The placid waves of the island are in contrast to the waves regularly found in Cloud 9. The ...

  • Siargao Towns Agree To Jointly Protect Marine Areas

    Siargao Towns Agree To Jointly Protect Marine Areas

    Despite a supertyphoon brewing on the Pacific just east of Siargao, representatives from all of the island's nine municipalities gathered in the coastal town of Santa Monica for a consultation on the drafting of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) concerning the management of the towns' respective Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

    The MOA will establish a networking system covering all the MPAs in Siargao Island. The networking will centralize the management of the MPAs to a single body, which will be responsible for the funding, policy review and monitoring, among other things, of all of the is ...