Pilar Surfing Break

Pilar, Surigao del Norte

Pilar Surfing Break is located just off shore from Pilar on Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte. Pilar reef can be reached in about 45 minutes by pump boat in Cloud 9 or also by road around to the town of Pilar then hire a boat. It is generally not nearly as crowded as General Luna surf spots, it has two excellent left hand reef breaks during North East swells.

Pilar Surfing Break Siargao News

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  • The Seize Of Siargao

    The Seize Of Siargao

    Just when we were about to land, the plane turns then my husband goes

    And on the same day he says "let's book tickets every time there are promo fares".


    It is impossible not to love Siargao.

    Some say this island has a magnet. I agree.

    So what's in this beautiful island? As much as I want people to discover for themselves, I just can't zip it. This is how stoked this place is.


    Situated in the province of Surigao del Norte is the enchanting Siargao, a tear- drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea with approximately 437 square kilometers land area. Siarga ...

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    Siargao Island - a Complete Guide To The Philippines Surfing Paradise

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    This tiny island in the East of the Philippines is often described as Bali 30 years ago.

    For me, as a surfer, it was a highly anticipated stop during my travels in South East Asia and I'm super stoked to say it didn't disappoint, in fact, it was even more incredible than I imagined.

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  • Surfing in Cemetery to Cloud 9 Ten Must Visits in World Famous Siargao

    Surfing in Cemetery to Cloud 9 Ten Must Visits in World Famous Siargao

    Siargao Island is known by surfers all over the world as a waverrific place. It's time you do, too.

    Siargao Island is blessed with a slew of surfing spots that it has certainly something to offer to everyone, from beginners to veterans.

    Siargao has good quality, consistent big waves from October to May; from November to March, the waves swell to an average of around 7ft.

    September is the month for the National and International Surfing Cups in Cloud 9, one of the best surfing havens in the world.

    1) Cloud 9
    No list of Philippine surfing havens will miss this one. Rated as the 8th ...

  • Discover A Surfing Paradise Siargao

    Discover A Surfing Paradise Siargao

    Who would have thought that a small chocolate bar could put a tiny Philippine island on the map of the world

    What led American adventurer Mike Boyam to the shores of Siargao more than two decades ago Was it destiny, his stumbling upon the surfing paradise while on a 40-day fast Sadly, exceeding the days of bearable hunger, he died here. If only he had discovered the Cloud 9 chocolate bar in the local sari-sari store like American photographer John S. Callahan and fellow surfers Evan Slater and Taylor Knox had, in 1992… sustaining them while they surfed the great waves in Catangnan…maybe ...

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    Siargao Cloud 9 A Surfer Utopia

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