Pacifico Beach Surfing

San Isidro, Surigao del Norte

Pacifico Beach is located south of Burgos, on Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte. The beach is a kilometer stretch of white sand beach drawn in a shallow shore facing the powerful left hand reef break.

Pacifico has the potential to become the alternative surfing destinations with its promising big reef breaks. As it lacked promotions, only few have known about the place and so it ...

is rarely crowded. Which for a peace-loving person like me, is very much welcome ambiance.

Pacifico Beach Surfing Siargao News

  • Siargao Travel Guide A 3,800 PHP Itinerary

    Siargao Travel Guide A 3,800 PHP Itinerary

    I want to touch every grain of sand and swim to every clear waters of the beach. I want to climb every coconut trees and see how breathtaking the island is from above. I want to run to random places and be lost and get sunburned. I want to say hello to every person I pass by and know their stories behind their smiles. I want to chase every sunrise and sunsets and sleep under the stars. And so I go.

  • Nine Waves To Die For On Siargao Island Philippines

    Nine Waves To Die For On Siargao Island Philippines

    Would you like to read a unique guide to unmissable nine waves you really need to surf on Siargao Island? Do you love huge, slabby barrels or waves with length of ride? Are you looking for beginner, improver or expert surfing spots? How about discovering a secret spot or two? Look no further than this insiders guide to the best the island can offer you in terms of surfing. Although there are myriad surf spots on Siargao, I think there are nine waves to die for: unmissable breaks that you really should surf before you die.

  • Discover Siargao, Pacifico Burgos And The North

    Discover Siargao, Pacifico Burgos And The North

    Woould you like to see a quieter side of Siargao Island? Do you want to cruise around the island on a scooter feeling the tropical breeze flow through your hair? Can you handle a night in a small village without all the amenities of the more populated Cloud 9 area? If so, rent a scooter today and take a ride north to the picturesque village of Pacifico and gateway to little Hawaii: Burgos Bay.

  • Pacifico A Less-Crowded Beach And Surf Spot In Siargao

    Pacifico A Less-Crowded Beach And Surf Spot In Siargao

    While most tourists are too focused on the famous Cloud 9 surf spot, theres another place that you might want to check out when youre in the island. Aside from the long strip of white sand shore that you can sunbathe on, Pacifico is also one of Siargaos many surf spots.

  • The First-Timers Guide To The Country Best Surfing Spot In Philippines

    The Philippines is home to almost 7,500 beautiful islands, blessing locals and foreigners alike with numerous beach getaways and adventures to choose from. And with that comes the equally exciting fact that a lot of these places offer spectacular waves perfect for every surfing enthusiast. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or pro, the Philippines boasts a long list of surfing destinations for you from Luzon to Mindanao.

    Here are seven surfing spots to help you tick surfing off your bucket list. Prepare those board shorts, rash guards, and surfboards! You're in for one heck of a wavy ...

  • The Seize Of Siargao

    The Seize Of Siargao

    Just when we were about to land, the plane turns then my husband goes

    And on the same day he says "let's book tickets every time there are promo fares".


    It is impossible not to love Siargao.

    Some say this island has a magnet. I agree.

    So what's in this beautiful island? As much as I want people to discover for themselves, I just can't zip it. This is how stoked this place is.


    Situated in the province of Surigao del Norte is the enchanting Siargao, a tear- drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea with approximately 437 square kilometers land area. Siarga ...